The Time of Advent

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

The Body ShopHolidays are coming, holidays are coming! It's nearly Christmas! Which of course means it is advent time and the countdown to the big day itself

I have always had 2 advent calendars since I can remember. My mother likes to buy us one chocolate one from the high street/supermarkets, and make one up for me and my sisters herself

This year, she doesn't need to do that though because the Body Shop lasses gifted me the most amazing advent calendar

The Body Shop
Say hello to the Body Shop advent calendar! 24 happy days of beautiful beauty products. Now this is an advent calendar I can really get behind and is definitely one for anyone who loves beauty products as well as trying new items out

The Body Shop is a great company to try out also because everything is all natural and sourced ethically as well as being fair trade
The Body Shop
This advent calendar is quite large, but it just means it is chock full of amazing goodies! With each product being hidden away in a box, and of course all of the numbers aren't in order so you have a bit of fun trying to find the right day

What is even cuter is the fact there are little slogans and messages written on the side of the box also. Little questions and pick me ups which really enhance the experience of anticipation and wondering what is inside
The Body Shop
Advent means 'Coming' in Latin, so it literally means the coming of Jesus into the world (if you are that way religiously inclined) and that is why we traditionally count down until Christmas day. To count down the coming of Jesus into the world

However, for others it is all about counting down the days until Christmas day and having a new chocolate each day. Except this year I will be counting down with a new beauty product each day
The Body Shop
For day 1 of advent in this calendar it has a Frosted Cranberry shimmer lotion. Be sure to follow me on Instagram where you will be able to see me share what I get each day as we count down to Christmas together

What advent calendar do you have this year? Are you excited?!
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Product was gifted to me by The Body Shop. All views are my own


  1. What a great advent calendar for a beauty product fan! And so sweet that your mum always made you one to go with the chocolate calendar.

  2. Love that I just came across your blog, and we have the same layout from pipdig :D can't believe advents calendars exist like this! Can't wait to see what other goodies you get, amazing! xx


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