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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

As you may have read within a previous post of mine about mindfulness, I suffer from anxiety and depression, and it has been especially bad this year with all of the tragedies I have had to deal with

The Blurt Foundation got in contact with me because somebody lovely out there in the world wanted to gift a random person with a Buddy Box, and keep themselves anonymous, and the Blurt Foundation chose me to be the recipient of such a beautiful gesture

Buddy Box is this amazing idea by the Blurt Foundation (an organisation dedicated to raising awareness and understand of depression) and is designed for others to send to themselves or to their loved ones who are really struggling. It helps the person feel loved, but also that it is OK to take time out of the day to focus on themself, relax and to appreciate the smaller things in life

As this box was gifted to me by some anonymous person out there, whom I now love very much for this, I didn't HAVE to write a blog post. But I wanted to so I could spread awareness myself about depression and maybe I can help others to understand it, but also know how to be a friend if they know somebody who is struggling

It is the little things that can help to make somebody's day and improve their mentality and wellbeing, even if it is just for a little while

As this is the December box, it came with a small "make your own Santa decoration" kit as well as 'Noel' sticky tape. It came with Heathcote & Ivory Bath Fizzers, an Anatomicals "Puffy the Eye Bag Slayer" eye mask as well as "Calm" which is a book about mindfulness and I unfortunately, already own this item :( but I have managed to re-gift it to a friend of mine who also suffers from anxiety so all is not wasted!

To ensure I get a bit of relaxing time when I feel low, I take a lot of baths now so I can feel like the water is dissolving away my troubles and negative feelings. These bath fizzers will really help me with this and will also provide me with the motivation to even run the bath! I wouldn't want them to go to waste after all

The Anatomicals eye mask can be stored in the fridge, or heated up to provide a heat mask or a cooling eye mask. My eyes constantly get tired from exhaustion, from Seasonal Affectation Disorder, and from just general stress so this will hopefully do my eyes wonder. I will opt for a cooling eye mask and within a nice hot bath also would be pure bliss and some real, much needed, "me" time

The book "Calm" has really helped me. I recommend it to everyone when I can

They also provide a few cute postcards that again, you can send on if you wish to show to somebody that you are thinking about them
That is all people want to know, that somebody is there for them and thinking about them! This is why this makes such a great gift to somebody. Even just as a general gift, as a "hey, I love you" kind of gift. It's all designed to help promote self love and relaxation

Have you heard of Buddy Box? Would you pay it forward and gift this to somebody to cheer up their day?
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  1. I hadn't heard of this box before but will check them out, I too suffer badly from anxiety and depression and also own the Calm book too - it is fab! Happy New Year when it comes lovely.

    Hugs Elyse | www.sweetelyseblog.com

  2. Lovely idea! I think I'd do this and I think I know someone who would appreciate it...especially annonymously!

  3. What a lovely idea!
    I see so many beauty subscription type boxes it's lovely to see a company getting on the hype to do something amazing


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