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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Dinner Party
CHOPCHOP is a new app launching tomorrow designed to make cooking so much easier. It uses AI technology to help you plan and prep any amount of courses simultaneously

Now, I am not going to lie, I love food but I have no idea how to cook. This event with CHOPCHOP intrigued me though because I am just so not savvy with cooking and food
The app is best optimised for iPad, but will also work with iPhone. I had to download the Beta test version for this dinner party, so the version you can download will be much better! And the app was already amazing

Like I said, I had to download the Beta app before turning up to Central Cookery School where the event was being held. When I got there there was wine available and we were then split into two groups

One group would be cooking Potato Gnocchi and a Balsamic Strawberry Zabaione dessert
I was put into the group who was cooking Pollo al Mattone with Gremolata Potatoes (Chicken with pesto potatoes) and a Sweet Potato & Butternut Squash Bisque
The dishes we were assigned to cook, we found them within the app and added them to our 'plan' and we told the app how many people we were cooking for and what time we wanted to be eating by. We all had to say 2 people and that we wanted to eat by 7pm. We started cooking at 5pm. We then simply press "Let's Cook"

The app then devises a "Game Plan" on how to cook the 2 dishes simultaneously (You can add more than 2 dishes to your plan though, so this is really great for fancy dinner parties where you do more than one course) and you can see the whole step by step process within your game plan
CHOPCHOP appYou then press on step one of your game plan to read the whole step and you can easily move onto the next step, or back a step by using arrow keys on the screen

This app would definitely be best on iPad. An iPhone, whilst it works, was too small and you don't want to be scrolling up and down on your screen with food all over your fingers like I was

The app is so beautiful also and the pictures are so mouthwatering that you want to see it in all of its glory!
CHOPCHOP appThe thing I loved the best, was when you had to boil something or simmer it or cook it in the oven the app had a timer to count down how long until those items would be ready. It keeps the timer on the screen as you breeze through the other stages

This is a great way to help you cook everything simulatenously. I even found that I had some down time to just enjoy a glass of wine whilst I had prepped everything else and was waiting the last 5 minutes for the chicken to roast or the vegetables to boil
Cooking with CHOPCHOPThe User Interface is truly beautiful and easy to understand. Because it works off of AI though, I was doing different steps to other people in a different order even though we were cooking the same thing. It was interesting to see how others were working with the same app, but doing different steps in a different order. Yet we all ended up finishing at roughly the same time, and before our designated time of 7pm!
Cooking with CHOPCHOP
Cooking with CHOPCHOP
Like I said, I don't know how to cook and have never really attempted to cook from scratch before, but just look at how perfect my chicken looks?!

The dishes I cooked are photographed below, and again, how yummy does everything look? Even if I do say so myself

I am incredibly proud of myself for cooking 3 dishes simultaneously within 2 hours when I have never even attempted anything like that before at all. CHOPCHOP is a win with me!
Cooking with CHOPCHOP
After we all cooked our dishes, we all got to sit round and enjoy our creations in a dinner party style setting with everyone else who attended, and the creators of the app themselves. It was such a beautiful evening and such a nice way to showcase something new

Everything was wonderful! My chicken was cooked to perfection, I found a new love in Sweet Potato & Butternut Squash Bisque, as well as a brand new favourite dessert within the Balsamic Strawberry Zabaione. Who knew Strawberries and Balsamic Vinegar worked?!
I can't wait for CHOPCHOP to launch properly so you can all experience the beauty and ease of it with some delightful food that you can create. I also can't wait to see more recipes available on it

Will you be downloading CHOPCHOP and wow-ing your friends with an amazing dinner party?
You can download CHOPCHOP through this link
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  1. Wow, this looks great! Definitely being downloaded when it's released.

  2. Your food looks amazing, how about when we meet we don't go out and you just cook for me? ;) haha x

    1. HAHA! If only! I could never have cooked all of this without the use of the app x


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