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Monday, 14 December 2015

I have some new portfolio work to show off! Once again the images have been taken by me and the model is Emilia with the MUA being Faye Marriott

I don't like to retouch pictures, so all of these are unedited and unretouched. Emilia just has flawless skin. You can tell they are unretouched by the fact the hair is untidy in some shots. I like this though. It adds character and it is a human trait after all to have fly aways

What do you think of my new Portfolio shots?
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  1. Such awesome shots Kaye! Love the colour in them, can not believe they're unedited! x

  2. They look awesome! You must be so proud.


  3. They look fantastic, the bright makeup looks really cool and fresh on you! x

    1. It isn't me I'm afraid! I wish it was. These are images I have taken for my photography portfolio, so she is an amazing model I shot with for this shoot x

  4. Oh wow these are just fantastic, I love each and every look x


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