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Thursday, 24 December 2015

Secret Santa
I do love a good Secret Santa. I love buying for someone within a budget and seeing what I can get for them, as well as receiving from somebody totally anon
It's always hard to decide whether you will go down the novelty route in terms of gift, or the cute and quirky, to the practical choice of gift

This year, I was invited to take part in a Secret Santa organised by Just My Look with a budget of £20 to spend on the beauty blogger I was assigned

Simple Skincare
I ended up buying for Jemma of Floral Etiquette and I hope I did well for her! I bought her all things unicorn and cats

I have no idea who bought for me, well duh Kaye that is the point of Secret Santa, but I received a nicely wrapped parcel. Once I had unwrapped it I revealed a Simple skincare set with facial wipes and moisturiser and a cute little bag. I always love gift sets with toiletry bags! And I actually needed some more face wipes and moisturiser so this arrived at a perfect time
Secret Santa Gift
However, once I opened the toiletry bag up, I noticed that there was LOADS of chocolate within my gift set

I don't think Simple put it there somehow...
Whomever bought for me also included a mass handful of chocolates AND some Nivea lip butter. I am always in dire need of lip balm so again, much love for this lip butter. This stuff is a godsend also. I have never tried this before, but it is my new fave lip balm and it tastes amazing due to the coconut flavour. I have been trying to move away from vaseline as I keep reading that this isn't good to use as a lip balm, so I am glad I now have some lip butter to carry around with me

Not to mention, so glad I have all of these chocolates to shove in my mouth

Thank you to my Secret Santa for the gift, but also to Just My Look for organising a great Secret Santa! It was a fab Christmas experience

Do you like Secret Santa?
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We were reimbursed with £20 by Just My Look after purchasing for our Secret Santa

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