Nudestix Holiday Minis

Monday, 21 December 2015

Lip Pencil
Nudestix are an amazing find of mine from earlier this year and they are now a staple within my makeup bag, and they make a regular appearance on my blog! (You can see previous posts about Nudestix here)

They sent me a lovely little, emphasis on the little because we are talking about minis!, christmas present in the form of their new holiday mini collection

Lip Pencil
Their holiday mini collection features 3 Lip & Cheek Pencils in a lovely mini size, and their signature Nudestix tin in a mini size also

I just love the names of these shades. You have "Mystic", "Sin", and my personal fave "Satan"!
"Satan" is that perfect shade of red for any christmas party or even NYE, because it is getting close to that time Ladies

"Sin" is a shade I own in a full size pencil and is a perfect pinky shade that helps give that "Is she wearing lipstick, or are her lips just so luscious and perfect?!" kind of look. It also helps to give a small bit of blushed colour to the cheeks if you were to swipe on and blend in

"Mystic" is slightly different to "Sin" in that it is a bit more browny nude, rather than a pinky nude

I have loved these Lip & Cheek Pencils ever since I stumbled upon them because they contain Vitamin E which is moisturising, and they dry to a matte finish so they really do not budge that much. A liquid matte lipstick does last longer on the lips, but these pencils aren't as drying as a matte liquid lipstick so they don't cling to any nasty cracked or dry skin

Lip Pencil
This tin is different to normal in that it features a design on the front by Jessica Gorlicky, rather than the black tin with the Nudestix font raised up. The size of it though is perfect to fit into a handbag and it really doesn't take up much room at all! Even with 3 pencils inside of it

Nudestix Holiday Minis
Time for some real life swatches! Sorry for the quality, these are iPhone selfies because I was feeling my look. The shade currently on my lips in the shot to the left is "Mystic"

Nudestix Holiday Minis

The shade on my lips here is that delicious red with the most amazing name ever, "Satan"

Will you be looking out for these minis in time for Christmas? What do you think of the names of the shades?
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Items have been gifted to me by Nudestix, but all thoughts and opinions are my own


  1. I love the look of these and Mystic is such a lovely shade x

  2. Aww these looks great I like the shades! Really suits you! You have lovely eyes colour by the way!


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