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Saturday, 26 December 2015

I don't really do Christmas cards. I don't tend to send them or like to receive them as I like to save the trees
I can totally make an exception when it is something as sweet, tasty and cute as this though
This is Popkakery's fantastic "Pop A Card". A completely edible version of a card that you can still send in the post to whomever you want to send one too

Popkakery were kind enough to send me a Christmas card in the form of one of their Pop A Cards, but you can also create one for birthdays, anniversaries, any kind of event that you would normally want to send a card for

The main difference with this though is that inside you have some edible treats! It makes receiving a card that much sweeter, because as well as a personal message you have some sweet treats to enjoy

I chose to try some of their popcakes, but you also have the choice of brownies or marshmallows. They are all gluten free too so anybody can receive them!

The popcakes I received were 2 amazing vanilla cakes covered in white chocolate and 2 decadent chocolate cakes coated in milk chocolate. All 4 were then decorated in coloured sugar confetti pieces. They arrived slightly cracked, but that doesn't phase me as I understand they may have got bashed about within the delivery process

I scoffed 2 of them as soon as I had taken pics of them and I have absolutely no regrets because they were beautiful and more-ish and I definitely want more. The cake was so moist and so flavourful that I want more just even thinking about them and writing this *Homer Simpson style drooling*

I may end up sending Pop A Cards to friends now. What about you? Will you jump on board with this idea?
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Item was gifted to me by Popkakery HQ, but all thoughts and opinions are my own


  1. Wow I absolutely love this idea, how amazing! I can't believe this isn't more of a popular thing, although I'm sure it will take off at some point. Fab post, thanks for sharing :) x

  2. I like the idea of buying edible cards. It is definitely something that I have not heard of before but I can see it becoming popular in time as people adjust to the idea.


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