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Sunday, 20 December 2015

ProSkin Liverpool Street
I have never once had a facial, so when I was given the opportunity by ProSkin Clinics to receive a complimentary facial peel or acne treatment I straight away said "acne treatment" please! I suffer terribly from cystic acne and small breakouts, redness and scarring but have never considered anything but oral medication before

I am now a facial convert, I really am

I had initially booked in for an Acne Theraclear treatment at the Liverpool Street branch. Theraclear combines light and vacuum for fast and visible reduction in acne and it's redness

However, before every treatment you have a complimentary skin consultation with your beautician. We found out that because I had taken Oxytetracycline (an acne medication) quite recently, we were limited in what we could actually do to my face. Oh no! All the tetracycline family of drugs make your skin more sensitive to light. Seeing as Theraclear uses light, we couldn't undergo this treatment

But ProSkin were quick to figure out something we could do, even if they were limited in terms of the treatments my skin could undergo
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My beautician, after working out what kind of facial she could give me, double cleansed my face to remove all makeup and then assessed my skin under UV light. I found out that my skin isn't as oily as I thought it was considering I get blocked pores and breakouts. My chin and nose were the oiliest and the skin around my eyes was considerably dehydrated, I guess that explains the bags and tired eyes
But it was amazing to find out that my skin isn't actually dry like I think it is, and isn't as oily as I thought also. Tiny bit

On to the treatment after this amazing research into my skin. My beautician opted for a Mini Pumpkin Mask (they also offer a Max and a Power mask! The mini one suited me fine) which offers 3 different types of acid, one being salicylic acid. I could tell this because after application onto my face it started to tingle and heat up, which I actually enjoyed. The smell of the mask also was cinnamony and reminded me of Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Christmas. It was quite beautiful actually. Good thing is, I can buy this mask so I can use it at home

After cleansing it off, my skin was left a bit pink because of the acid in the mask, so she put on some Hydrating Gel Mask onto my face and some goggles over my eyes and left me under a red LED light for a few minutes. I don't know how long because I kinda had a nap. The red LED is meant to calm my skin and promote healing as well being anti inflammatory. Just what I need after turning a bit pink from the mini pumpkin mask

She then washed the hydrating gel mask off and finished up with Serum and Moisturiser. I can honestly say, my skin has never felt so soft and pampered

The effects of this facial can last for up to a week, and my skin has never glowed so much! The redness of my acne areas has also really died down and improved and I am happy to wear no makeup to work for once. My face also doesn't feel as dry as it did from the cold. I definitely think I will be purchasing some of these products for home use, as well as booking in with ProSkin within the new year to see what other treatments they can offer me as I have been impressed with their professionalism, knowledge and pampering

Had you heard of ProSkin Clinics? Do you get facial treatments at all?
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All treatments I received were complimentary for review. All opinions and views are my own


  1. After having my first facial earlier this year I am a total convert too. I thought I had quite oily skin but turns out it's in fact quite dry which has changed the products I now use! x

  2. Can't say I've ever had a facial but it's something I'll be looking to try in 2016!


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