The Spirit of Christmas

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Ladies and Gintlemen, I wish you a Merry Ginmas! HAHAHA I am so punny sometimes

I wanted to bring you some christmassy cocktails to make yourselves at home, but using my favourite tipple at the moment which is GINIn case you hadn't noticed from the puns in the first line
You can use any gin you may have for these cocktails, but I will be using Brockmans gin which is a nice, smooth and citrussy gin. These are perfect for Christmas Eve around a fire, Christmas Day with family and guests, or Boxing Day when you just want to relax after the busy festivities

The first one is called "Clove Actually" and is the simplest of cocktails within this post
It is simply your bog standard Gin & Tonic with a clove studded grapefruit added in for that Winter spice and fruity flavour
So, 50ml Gin, top with Tonic and add your fruit for garnish and flavour

The next one is a "Brockmans 75". This is 50ml gin, lemon juice, 15ml sugar syrup, topped with champagne or prosecco
Now, due to the name of the cocktail, Brockmans gin would be best. You can also buy sugar syrup or make your own by dissolving sugar in boiling water

A favourite around Christmas time is a Hot Collins! This one is called the "Brockmans Hot Collins" simply because I am using Brockmans. 50ml gin, 25ml lemon juice, 100ml hot water and add some honey. Et voila! Your Hot Collins using Brockmans

Gin Cocktail
This next cocktail can't be done using Brockmans, but I wanted to include it for all those into their Sloe Gin. We have the "Sloe Royal". Sloe gin topped with champagne! Sounds divine and fancy eh?

Time for a "Christmas Martini". Shaken and not stirred. To be honest, doesn't matter if it is shaken or stirred. I just wanted to get that line in! 20ml gin, 40ml Cranberry Juice, 10ml Grand Marnier and 10ml lemon juice for this classic with a Christmas twist

Gin Cocktail
The last one will be a definite Christmas cocktail for me. Christmas morning it is a tradition for me and my mother to have a Bucks Fizz/Mimosa. I might switch things up this year and have a "Bucks Club" which is Gin, Champagne/Prosecco and then topped with orange juice. A great gin twist on a classic

Do you like Gin? Will you be giving any of my Ginmas themed cocktails a go?
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The bottle was gifted to me by Brockmans, but all views and opinions are my own


  1. Oh wow how cool does that gin look! I love a good Christmas cocktail

    Laura x

  2. Oh so far ma myavorite xmas post! haha when it comes to gin, rum and prosseco I would never say now! Happy Xmas!


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