Monday, 28 December 2015

I am all about helping out in life where I can. Whether it be with donating to charities, or paying it forward and making somebody's day, or buying food for the homeless when I can

Stand 4 Socks are a company that share the same ethics! Every pair of socks you buy, goes to helping a social cause within the world. I can help the world AND keep my feet warm and colourful at the same time. Not to mention everybody needs socks within their wardrobe/drawers

Stand4Socks sent me 2 pairs of socks. One of them is to eradicate poverty, the other is for primary education. They have many more causes available to help though so you will be able to find one that really resonates with what you believe in

I want the Gender Equality pair next and the Environmental Sustainability pair and the Syrian Refugee Crisis pair. I probably just want ALL the pairs to help as many people as I can! They also have some amazing patterns, so that helps too

This lovely yellow and blue pair is the 'Eradicate Poverty' pair. This pair of socks helps MAG (Mines Advisory Group) to remove landmines and unexploded bombs which will help make land safe for communities to grow more food

I particularly love the 3D style geometric pattern on this pair

My favourite of the two pairs is the 'Primary Education' pair which supports WarChild. This pair helps to pay for a child's education in a war affected country. 1 pair roughly equates to 25 days worth of education

Totally worth it considering the amount some people will pay for socks. All of these are £8.99, and as well as the charities receiving money you also receive some really comfy socks. Honestly, these are the comfiest socks I have worn in a long while

I also love the fact that each pair has its own little logo to describe the cause they are designed for! Such a cute little touch

Will you make a Stand 4 Socks?
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These socks were gifted to me by Stand4Socks


  1. love how each pair represents a different cause!

  2. What a fabulous idea, I will definitely be picking some up!

  3. These are so quirky! Love the red and blue ones! x


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