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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

St Albans
A new cocktail bar has opened up within St Albans and as soon as I saw it being advertised on my Facebook timeline, I knew I had to go. St Albans has plenty of pubs, but does lack on the cocktail bar scene. There is something nicer about a cocktail bar, especially themed ones

Central London has some lovely cocktail bars, but sometimes they are just too much of a trek and a cost for me
This is where I now welcome all you Hertfordshire/St Albans peeps to Sucker Punch

St Albans
Hidden away on George Street, away from the hustle and bustle of the main town but still close enough to be involved in any bar crawls, Sucker Punch is a steam punks heaven!

Decorated with images of iconic structures and blimps, industrial piping on the ceiling and clocks galore it really is my new happy place for decor alone
The lights are kept down low for atmosphere. I wouldn't really want bright light in a decor such as this anyway really
Sucker Punch Bar
For me, and what makes this my absolute happy place, is the music that gets played. A mix of swing, swing jazz, easy listening. Think Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett ft Lady Gaga, with some Richard Cheese thrown in for good measure

I am so obsessed with this kind of music that I find myself singing along with my tipple of choice (a Hendricks and tonic don'cha know) and I now even stick some on when I am in the bath at home
Sucker Punch Bar
When you walk in you are greeted at the door by staff, and shown to a seat if there are any (my first night coming along it was so busy there were no tables available! It is quite a small bar)

My second venture to Sucker Punch, I had pre-reserved a table and ending up nabbing a booth at the back of the bar where I could then people watch, but be in my own little world with the music and my gin

They also table serve so you don't need to keep going up to the bar, and you can pay as you go or open a tab. This, I think, is such a great service and adds a sense of luxury and sophistication to the evening. But I can also imagine this being what happened within the roaring 20's at a jazz bar with live music

You are also handed cucumber water and popcorn! Everybody I take here gets obsessed with the popcorn
St Albans
I have spoken a lot about gin. I apologise. That is just my tipple of choice at the moment. They don't JUST do gin. They do craft beers and all kinds of spirits within cocktails, all listed within this glorious steampunk menu of theirs that just oozes luxury from the way it is designed

I honestly feel like this is St Albans best new small business and I wish them all the best
I will certainly be here every week I reckon

For now, to get a feel of the atmosphere and the vibe within Sucker Punch, check out this Spotify playlist I found and have constantly been listening to!

Will you be making a trip to Sucker Punch if you are local? What do you think of the theme for the bar?
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  1. This place looks amazing! I'd love to go somewhere like this one day :)

  2. I live about 15 minutes from St Albans and love going there for a night out, I'll have to check out this bar next time though - thanks for sharing x


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