Dry January Mocktails

Friday, 15 January 2016

Dry January
Are you currently trying Dry January? Is the need for a cocktail FAR too overwhelming now you know you can't have one?

I don't drink much anyway. I may have a night out once every 6 months (my birthday and Christmas pretty much!), but now I know I can't have anything I want it even more and want to go out EVERY night. I can't if I want to stick to my goals. I know people who have given up already. I will not be weak!

This is where Funkin Cocktails come in to aid me on my journey. I know, they have the word cocktail in, but just see how they are helping me

Dry January
Funkin make cocktail mixers. Juice like cartons that you pour into a glass over some ice and then add your tipple of choice into, whether it be Gin or Vodka or Prosecco (3 of my cocktail faves)

This is DRY January. I can not add in my regular Gin, or that cheeky Voddy or bubbles

You can make mocktails with Funkin instead though. All of the flavour of a cocktail, but without the alcohol. You can essentially drink these mixers like you would a juice! My favourite so far is the Strawberry Daquiri. It has such an amazing sweet, strawberry flavour and is not as thin as a juice, but not as thick as a smoothie. Quite lush on its own

If you prefer cocktails with a bit of bubble and sparkle you can even add sparkling water or lemonade to these mixers to make a sparkling mocktail. I do crave that prosecco vibe on my tongue, so I added some lemonade with the "Brazilian" and made a really nice sparkling, tropical mocktail
Dry January

Funkin offer a whole range of flavours, so you are bound to find one that suits you! I don't know anyone that doesn't enjoy a mojito after all, or anything Strawberry flavoured really. This weekend I know I will be indulging in some Strawberry WooWoo's with some sparkling water

Once January is over, I will start adding in some Gin to these mixers ;)

Will you be giving mocktails a go? Or can you not wait until February to add in some sneaky gin/vodka?
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  1. I've tried these mixers before and was impressed. Excellent idea to make them a mocktail too

  2. I might need to grab one of these to keep in my flat for when ever I fancy a cheeky cocktail x

  3. I didn't drink much in December, so technically I can enjoy January :)
    The drinks look nice though and the packaging is cool.

    Mika | www.la-french-connection.com


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