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Monday, 11 January 2016

Fit Kit
This January, it is all about running and getting fit. You can see how I am trying to achieve this right here
The amazing crew at Hey! Holla sent me a fabulous fit kit to help me out with my fitness quest, thanks a lot you dolls at Hey! Holla

But what is a Hey! Holla fit kit I hear you ask?....

Fit Kit
The Hey! Holla fit kit consists of a canvas tote (that even has an inner pocket which now safely stows away my gym card) and you can get one with a variety of different slogans on depending on what you are into!

I have the running slogan tote pictured above, but I also like the "Yo!Ga" tote and the "bend it like a Bikram" tote, also the "lattes and Pilates". I kinda like ALL of the slogans available. You'll have to check them out to see more
Fit Kit
It then also includes a coloured towel, to yanno, wipe away all that damn sweat when you are working your booty hard. My towel came in an orange colour which co-ordinates nicely with the orange text on my slogan tote

It is big enough to wrap around your neck, but small enough to stow away neatly into the canvas tote and it is so darn soft! After one of my weekly runs I could just curl up into one of these and die silently. Because I am at that stage of fitness where everything is killing me because I am normally so inactive
Apple Watch
The fit kit then lastly also includes hair ties. Every girl needs some hair ties for her running and her gym work. These hair ties are a godsend though because they are "No Kink" hair ties. They also look really darn pretty just sitting on your wrist. They come in a variety of colours and I was sent the "Ibiza Sunset" collection

My hair is really fine and thin so hair ties normally do leave some kind of impression within my hair. After a sweaty run and then taking out one of these hair ties, my hair was back to its regular self. Well, a sweaty version of its regular self
Fit Kit
The canvas tote is now my regular gym bag as it fits in my iPod armband with iPod, my water bottle, some facial spray to cool my face down when it all gets a bit too much, the towel it comes with, my jacket that I wear when walking to my gym, my phone, my keys, my gym card, spare hair ties as well as muscle cooling gel

Wow, I take a lot with me! I would probably take more but I don't need to take spare clothes as my gym is literally right behind my house. I can walk there. But spare clothes would still fit in this bag. It has an amazing amount of room

I also think anything with a slogan on looks dead fun when you are walking around also. Much better than a boring black gym bag
Fit Kit
Hey! Holla will be at the Be:Fit health & fitness show in London this Spring if you are into attending shows like that

But also, lucky you guys! Life & Styles of KLF readers get 20% off at Hey! Holla until Jan 31st. Just use my code "KLF20" at the checkout. Don't say I don't ever treat ya
You can find Hey! Holla on Twitter and Instagram too

Are you trying to get fit this year? What do you think of the fit kits?
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Item has been gifted to me by Hey! Holla, but all views are my own


  1. I don't tend to take much when I go to the gym as mine is super close and I just shower/ change at home. Love the slogan though! x

  2. Good luck with getting fit! This is also one of my goals for this year, but haven't started yet >.<


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