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Monday, 18 January 2016

I am off to NYC in less than a month now and I can NOT wait! It has been a dream holiday destination of mine since I can remember. I am so happy that I am going with one of my besties also after my relationship breakup

The Independent Guidebooks company sent me an up-to-date NYC guidebook that I could download and have saved onto my iPad to help me out when I am there, but also to help me plan things to do before I go

Independent Guidebooks make books for all kinds of destinations. NYC being one, as well as Paris, Orlando, Disneyworld Resort and others. The unique feature of these guides is that the books are updated throughout the year and printed on demand, so I have all of the latest NYC developments currently included within my guidebook just ready and waiting to be included within my travel plans

Best thing is you can buy paper versions or digital versions and it is available on Amazon. I opted for a digital version that I can access on my iPhone and my iPad so that I reduce what I actually want to take away with me, because yanno I wanna have a mass Sephora spree in NYC and bring lots BACK

The Guide goes through a history of NYC as well as the documents needed to enter the USA. Basically, us Brits need a valid Passport and an ESTA
You then have an overview section which goes through the weather at certain times of the year, as well as FOOD. It has given me some recommendations of must have places for NYC Pizza. Pizza is bae and life so I am already happy with this guidebook. You also get a small section on etiquette around NYC which I think is a great addition because I didn't know tipping was considered mandatory

The "transportation" section will also prove to be very helpful, unless I decide to Uber it everywhere

You also have a section called "Top 10 Can't Miss Spots". It's great to know that I already had within my current travel plan 5 of their 10 spots. Some of them I had never even heard of so there are some new places I want to visit now! I know it is current and up-to-date though because it mentions the High Line which is a new addition to NYC

They then break down the city into its different neighbourhoods. Harlem, Flat Iron, Upper West Side etc etc. This gives you an overview of the area, a bit of general info about it and then recommendations on things to do/see and places to eat and stay. It has certainly given me ideas of places to eat in the areas I intend to be. Who knew there was a food placed called "The Meatball Shop"?! Not me, but now I want to go

Then there are sections all about Shopping, Night Life, Bars and even some maps included! Yay! Everything I could possibly need to ensure I find the best and see the best during my time in NYC

After looking at this, I now CAN NOT wait to head to NYC on Feb 11th and I think I will be getting hold of their Disneyworld and Orlando ones for my holiday there in May

Do you use Guidebooks to plan your holidays?
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Guidebook was gifted to me, but all views are my own


  1. Sounds like a great thing to have when you're going away. Enjoy the trip!

  2. I have already pretty much planned my whole 8 day trip for my NY trip including where I want to go for snacks/ food. If you need any recommendations on good places to eat/ places for amazing snacks/ what attractions you really should do just message me as I've been 3 times now :D x

  3. That looks like a detailed guide book. Enjoy your trip. Looking forward to see your sephora haul!! ;)
    Fashion Panache, My Travelogue

  4. Well worth doing, even if you never watched the show, (as I hadn't). Saw a whole load of places that we would never have seen on our own and the fact that you see a lot of locations from the show made my wife very happy!!


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