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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

London Retro
I know it is winter still, but dayum that winter sun can be really bright when you are driving to work in the morning! Being 5 foot also my sun visor does absolutely nothing for me so I am always after a decent pair of sunglasses for year round use

Sunglasses Shop let me pick a pair from London Retro, which was such a hard choice by the way, and this is the pair I opted for. The London Retro Jude Gold

London Retro
I opted for an aviator style of sunglasses as I consider them a timeless classic frame, and one I have actually never owned before. I decided to go for them in Gold also rather than Silver so that the gold tones and the browny-gold glass can help make my face look a bit warmer visually

London Retro has been making sunglasses since 2011 and have been making the vintage eyewear trend more accessible to the general public, as well as being one of the few serious alternatives to high end eyewear brands
London Retro

This pair of frames offers gradient lenses as well as a shorter frame style which means they fit my small head perfectly! I can't buy Ray Bans as they are just too big for me, I have tried relentlessly, but these are just perfect for me and are also UV400 protective, as well as being cheaper than the Ray Ban alternative. The perfect dupe

If you like what you see here, you can shop London Retro glasses right here on Sunglasses Shop

London Retro

What do you think to my new sunglasses? What is your favourite style of sunglasses?
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Sunglasses were gifted to me, but chosen by me and all views are my own


  1. They look really good, I love a pair of retro glasses! Great blog xx

  2. Completely agree about needing sunglasses when driving. I'm also quite short and the visor does a sweet f all for me.

  3. These are lovely glasses, I tend to just buy cheap ones in Primark because I am forever breaking/ losing them x

  4. Oh they are beautiful. I'm on the lookout for new sunglasses for the summer and these are definitely going on my list. I have to wear prescription sunglasses so I have to really love them because I only have one pair at a time.


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