Meat Liquor: Brighton

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Brighton Restaurant
If you know me at all, you know I love food. I sometimes even eat 2 dinners, but that is a completely different story

There are many restaurants and food places that I want to try out, especially within London, and Meat Liquor was one of them. However, I recently took a weekend trip to Brighton and found out there was a Meat Liquor there, so it was time to kill a metaphorical bird with a stone!

Brighton Restaurant
I managed to get a table reserved, as they get busy and it isn't hard to see why, through Twitter as I had been tweeting them religiously

As soon as we sat down we ordered some cocktails. Mine was a gin cocktail of course, and we were also handed some complimentary shots. Oh bless you guys <3

A shot of bourbon and a shot of pickle juice. Oh OK... But the weirdest bit is, I disliked the bourbon the most haha! I could have had more of that pickle juice. It was an odd mix but it actually worked. Shot the bourbon and then the pickle juice. Delish. My face did a cringe face and the barmen laughed at me, but it was deffo from the bourbon
Meat Liquor Menu
And yes, they do a food challenge! I do love watching a good bit of Man V Food, and I can now attempt something without flying all the way across the ocean

But alas, noooooo! It has SO much cheese. I don't eat cheese :'(
So, I had to admit defeat and not order it and live through Shae instead who heroically attempted it because I could not
I ended up ordering their buffalo wings with fries and deep fried pickles. Because everything tastes better deep fried and these pickles were top notch! Better than onion rings I reckon

The buffalo wings were amazing also. Not too spicy which is always good, but they had such an amazing flavour

However, this is what Shae had to eat....
And he had to eat it ALL within 10 minutes...
Say hello to the Triple Chili Challenge!
Triple Chili Challenge
But the most amazing part of the evening wasn't Shae attempting the chili challenge. It wasn't the free shots. It wasn't the waiter shouting into the megaphone at Shae and getting the restaurant to join in at cheering him on. It wasn't the group of lads who came over and watched it all happen and shouted encouragement. It wasn't the atmosphere of the place and the banter with the staff

It was the fact Shae ACTUALLY beat the challenge. He completed it with a single second to spare. He would have completed it faster if he didn't stop to keep ripping paper towels off the stand to wipe his hands. FOOL! You do that AFTER you have eaten all the foods
Because he completed it, he got his whole meal for free. Which would have cost £24 if he hadn't completed it!
Which meant that I could then order more chicken wings because we were expecting to pay for his food. I was happy. I ended up eating 20 chicken wings that night

If Meat Liquor made a challenge without cheese and with chicken, I would totally be on that leaderboard. Hint Hint Meat Liquor

Unfortunately, Shae didn't end up on the leaderboard. He needed to eat it in under 7 minutes to make the leaderboard. The current leader of the challenge in Brighton ate it all within 4 minutes!!! Wow!

I definitely now need to go visit the ones in London and try some of their burgers, and just ALL of their foods basically. I loved the chicken wings so much, and Shae's burger did look good! Even if it lasted for all of 20 seconds

Have you been to Meat Liquor before? Do you know of anywhere that does food challenges?
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  1. Hell-fire, I thought I was living on the edge drinking the juice out of me jar of pickled walnuts. Try Half Man Half Burger in Hastings

  2. Wow! I LOVE the look of this place, all the neon signs and the lights. Very interesting. Also, congratulations on beating the challenge. I've never seen anywhere, or rather been anyway, where a food challenge. I don't eat meat though, so I would guess this probably isn't the best place for me to visit. ;) Looks amazing though and I'm glad you got more buffalo wings aha! Ray xx


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