Running Diary: Week 1

Sunday, 10 January 2016

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Week 1 of my running challenge has gone and I thought I would keep a diary on my blog and publish it every Sunday so you can see my progress, but also so that I keep motivated!

Here's how week one went...

So, I never really do any form of exercise that isn't yoga. I knew this was going to be a hard challenge but I didn't realise just how hard!

It wasn't until Wednesday that I really found some motivation to go for my first ever trail run, and that is only because my little sister turned into a Personal Trainer and shouted me out the door and into a run. We ran through the woodland near my house, but I wanted to die by the end of my road. I have "exercise induced asthma" and no asthma pump anymore, and mix that with freezing temperatures and I did suffer a bit so I did a mix of running, jogging and walking. But I did it! I completed our route even though it was dark and a mix of terrain and I was scared I would fall over. I felt a massive sense of achievement once I had gotten home

The next day I had decided I would wake up, and go straight to the gym as I didn't need to be in work until 10am
I woke up feeling like a cold had hit me. OH NO!
But I think I am a changed woman already. I lay in bed for an extra hour as I had time, but I then got up, got my gym gear on and went down to the gym and spent 30 minutes on a treadmill. OK, fair enough I didn't do 30 minutes at a full on sprint, but I did do a brisk jog and a walk, to a jog etc as well as being on an incline and finished it off with some stretching to loosen my muscles and minimise any aches and pains. Got home and felt rubbish because I was in running pain and felt full of a cold at this time

Apart from having no motivation to actually go out and run, and struggling in terms of my health and stamina, so far I actually ended up enjoying what I was doing and the sense of achievement it gave me once I had completed my runs. Roll on week two

Do you have any fitness tips for me?
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