Running Diary: Week 2

Sunday, 17 January 2016

This is the second week of my January running challenge now. Catch up on my week one update here and laugh at how unfit I am and how I wanted to die

Week 2 wasn't much better...
I struggled to find the motivation needed to even get to the gym. I had already decided my trail run would be on the weekend so I can have some daylight. Running in the dark just is not for me I decided after week one's treacherous terrains

It wasn't until Thursday that I managed to drag myself to the gym, which is right behind my house I must add, and spend some time on the treadmill. I had had a bad day so I really blew off some steam on the treadmill, even though my stamina is still rubbish and I only managed 20 minutes. I then did some added rowing on the row machine and racked up 1K in 5 minutes before I decided it was home time

Saturday is when I did my trail run, and once again my little sister decided to be my motivational PT as I was hungover on Saturday. Deffo needed her shouting at me. She took me on a longer route as I lasted a bit longer than week 1, but seeing as it is colder and snowed Saturday evening, my lungs gave in again and I struggled with my breathing. This frustrated me so much because I was able to run for longer

Can you offer any motivational tips for me?
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