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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Planet Camping
I am so excited to be able to say that I have 2 massive holidays lined up for 2016! A week in NYC and a week in Orlando, Florida

Living the dream would be to road trip across the USA in a convertible or a VW Campervan. Not quite the same thing, but Planet Camping did gift me this amazing wash bag in the shape of a VW Campervan so I guess I can live the dream this year on a much smaller scale

Planet Camping
This bag is so massive that it will happily fit in all of my toiletries, toothbrush, razors AND my makeup for my weeks away this year. I may even be able to get in a cheeky Urban Decay Palette also for those nights out in NYC

It is currently housing all of my skincare products that I use regularly, because they all fit in nicely rather than taking up a lot of space on some kind of shelf
Planet Camping
There seemed to have been a mass vintage and retro revival within 2015, what with Instant Film coming back and Vinyls. I'd love to see more VW Campervans on the road during 2016 to really revive the retro!

But for now I am dead happy being able to carry this around as part of my travel luggage, but also see it on a shelf of mine and dream about what it would be like to travel across the USA in one of these. A VW Campervan of course... not a VW Campervan washbag

Planet Camping
This would also be perfect for festival trips, where you want to take that shampoo and toothpaste and toothbrush and deodarant and ALL of the makeup and glitter, but don't wanna take up too much space in your backpack. Let me tell you, this bag will take all of what you need, as well as some cheeky cans of booze, or decantered spirits ;)

It also just screams out Festival Vibes

You can purchase one of these cuties from Planet Camping right here. They also offer other ones if a VW Campervan isn't your style

What do you think?
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Item was gifted to me by Planet Camping, but all views are my own


  1. This is amazing, definitely festival material. I'm so excited for you to be going to NY too, I just booked my flights for July and Warped Tour, eek! x

    1. OMG You don't even know how excited I am becoming now it is getting closer! However, Warped Tour will be epic. Jealous! x

  2. This bag is so cute! I absolutely adore retro stuff and camper vans. My mum used to have a camper van when she was 19 and they went everywhere in it! It's a perfect little make up bag, might just purchase it! X


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