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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Barry M
OHMYGOD you guyyyyssss! I got invited to Barry M's Spring press day! EEEEEKKK! MAY-JER
I have worked with makeup brands before and reviewed them, but I have never been invited to a press day until now. I haven't even been blogging a year and I find this just an amazing achievement

So, here I am going to present to you what is new for Spring with Barry M

Lucy For Barry M
I guess you could say the first bit of news is that Lucy Mecklenburgh is now the face of Barry M for the whole of 2016. I had to google her as I don't watch TOWIE. So yeah, she's a TOWIE star and owner of Lucy's Boutique, and according to Barry M she is definitely their ideal Barry M Girl

The first thing I saw as I walked in to the Back Room of St Martin's Lane hotel was the new 'That's How I Roll' mascara. Think Benefit's 'Roller Lash' but much more affordable. An eyelash curler and mascara in one
This will cost £4.99 and will be available from the 10th February
Barry M Nail Polish
There was also 4 new shades in each of their range of nail polish. 'Speedy Quick Dry', 'Gelly' and their 'Daylight Curing' range

The shades in the 'Speedy Quick Dry' and 'Gelly' are very similar, but obviously offer different finishes to your nails and they are all really nice, pastelly, nude kind of shades with my favourite being a deep but pastelly lilac

The 'Speedy Quick Dry' range literally dries super quick and leaves your nails with a matte kind of finish
The 'Gelly's' are meant to replicate the effect of a gel mani, so are super glossy and are meant to be long wearing
Barry M Nail Polish
The 'Speedy Quick Dry' and 'Gelly' ranges will both retail at £3.99 and are available already

The 'Sunset Daylight Curing' range will retail at £4.99 and will be available from the 10th Feb
Barry M Nail Polish
The 'Sunset Daylight Curing' colours were a lot more vibrant and definitely shades I will want to wear in summer! These come as a system ideally. You use your colour and then a special top coat. These together cure in daylight but work like that of a gel mani, without the need for a UV lamp!, so are super glossy and are meant to last even longer than the 'Gelly' range of polishes

Barry M Nail Polish
Their eyebrow kit has been a favourite of mine on the budget end, but they only used to cater for Medium to Dark hair, which is fine for me as I have dark hair and dark eyebrows
But not OK for mousey browns to blondes

They have now released their eyebrow kit in 'Light to Medium' to cater for more people. These kits include mini tweezers, a dual ended brush, a wax and 2 powders. You brush through the wax using the slanted end of the dual ended brush, and then using the other end of the brush you fill your brows using the middle powder in the palette. Lastly, the last powder is just a highlight powder that goes under the arch of your eyebrows and you can pat this in with a finger
Really simple and easy to use, as well as portable! It even comes with a mirror for use on the go

The Brow Kit will be £5.99 and will be available from the 10th Feb
Barry M Eyebrow Kit
Again, another re-do of a best selling product. They already have a 'Chisel Cheeks Contour kit' out there but this is for light to medium skin tones

They have now created it in shades for medium to dark skin tones, so all can now enjoy being chiselled and contoured on a budget
The Chisel Cheeks contour kit will be £6.49 and will be available from the 10th Feb
Barry M Contour Kit
The best bit of the day, is the fact I got to take home every new product to try out for myself. EEK OMG I AM LIKE A KID IN A PASTELLY COLOURED MAKEUP STORE

I absolutely love the Brow Kit, and even though it is for light to medium hair, it still works within my eyebrows which I am dead happy about as I had run out of brow products! The Speedy Quick Dry polishes are also a life saver for me currently
I hate spending ages putting polish on my nails, to the point I hardly paint my nails, but these dry super duper quick so I can paint and then still get on with my busy life
Barry M

Are you looking forward to buying any of these on their release?
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  1. I love their chisel cheek contour kit - it's so easy to apply and look good if you're a beginner. I'm so excited for the new range to come out in stores!

    Steph -

  2. The whole collection looks great, I'm a big fan of the Barry M polishes and can't wait to get my hand on these - thanks for sharing x


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