Full Metal Roller Derby: Fresh Meat!

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Full Metal Roller Derby
It seems that 2016 is a year of new experiences for me. January saw me do a month of running and now February sees me taking up a sport called Roller Derby

Typically an American sport, of course it has made its way overseas and into the UK also
I have started on the 'Fresh Meat' course with the Full Metal Roller Derby in Herts, even though I have absolutely no skating experience and don't even know how to skate! eek, wish me luck and safety
Full Metal Roller Derby
My Cousin is part of the Herts team after doing their Fresh Meat course last year and so has persuaded me to give it a go. She also had no skating experience when she went into it so I feel a bit better about myself. It can be scary trying something new for the first time, especially when there are wheels underneath your feet...

Classes are 2 hours long. After my first hour I could happily stand still on my skates without feeling like I was going to fall over! I also learnt how to fall down properly to minimise hurt and harm and started practicing different ways of stopping yourselves when skating about. Best part is, I only fell on my ass 3 times within 2 hours. I see that as a bit of a win for somebody who has never used rollerskates

I haven't got to grips with actually skating yet. But I am sure I will do eventually. I will get the technique down and get speedier
Full Metal Roller DerbyI have a 2 hour class every Sunday and this features other newbies as well as skilled members from the team, who all help you out and they have already made me feel like a part of a huge alternative family
Yeah they laugh when I fall, but they then skate over to help me up and make sure I am OK and confident on my wheels

Roller Derby is also a very physical sport, but Full Metal Roller Derby are a co-ed team so you have to be OK with hitting men, or having men hit you. There are obviously all female and all male teams out there too so hunt around for your local one!
Roller Derby is basically a sport about fighting your way through a wall of people on skates! That's a layman's term on describing it. The 'Jammer' has to fight through a wall of 3-4 people. Both teams have a wall and a jammer happening at the same time. So my Jammer and my wall would let them through, and then the oppositions wall would stop my Jammer from passing and potentially becoming the lead Jammer and scoring points

You can find out more about the rules and how Roller Derby works on the WFTDA website if you don't quite understand my explanation
Full Metal Roller Derby

I am nowhere near the stage of being able to take part in a 'bout' yet. Bout is the word for a game/match. At the moment I am just enjoying learning to skate and rolling around however and I am a little bit hooked despite the aches and pains in my muscles

Would you ever consider taking up Roller Derby?
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  1. Omg I've never heard of this before but it looks like SO much fun and I'd love to take part!!!! Going to find out where I can do this near me :)

  2. It looks kind of rough but also lots of fun. I used to love rollerskating as a child but don't get to do it now. What kind of age group of people take part?

    1. It's 18+. So you have anywhere from 18 up to people in their 50's!

  3. This looks and sounds just absolutely awesome, what a blast x


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