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Friday, 12 February 2016

*It seems that at the time of writing this post I was single. At the time of posting, I am now happily taken. Really weird how life can change so quickly!

My valentines is being spent watching Chicago on Broadway with one of my gal pals in NYC. Before going to NYC, I met up with my main gal pal Danni to celebrate Gal-entines. I don't need valentines when I have my gals and the love from them. I wanted to show Danni how special she is to me and so I created some gifts for her with Snapfish UK

Nothing says "I Love You" quite like sticking your faces on to a personalised product. It also shows a lot of thought has gone into the gift
Especially if it somebody you have taken a LOT of pictures with also so you have a tonne to go through
I have known Danni since we were like 15 or 16, so as you can imagine I had so many pictures to go through

Then came the choice of which gift to put our faces on to also. I had so much to choose from!

I opted for a valentine's fave in the form of a teddy bear, but with a dead good picture of us on it for the humour factor. We love silly pictures rather than "hey, look at us" pictures. The amount of ugly selfies we have is just insane

I chose a picture from our time at the Game of Thrones exhibition that was held in London, mainly because our faces are hilarious and it is meant to be us being chased by a dragon. I thought it would be cute to get put onto a bear

I then also chose a notebook. Everybody needs a notebook in their life! This notebook I personalised the front with 6 different pictures of us, and the inside cover I could also write her a little secret message that she won't know about until she opens it up

We call each other Sister Wifey's so my message is a simple "I LOVE YOU SISTER WIFEY"
I did like the fact I could even write a message. I thought that was an even better touch than the personalisation with photos. There were also different front cover layouts I could have chosen, but I wanted as many pics of us on there as possible

Lastly was a phone case. I need everyone to know who the bae in her life is so I found the PERFECT picture in the form of one of us at Reading festival in matching t-shirts I had bought us. Yes, the shirts do say "Wifey" and yes I am dead proud of this picture. It looks really good on a phone case also and I can't wait for her to put it on her phone and actually use it

The print quality of all of these gifts is stunning and I am so happy with them. I just know Danni will love them too. The creative possibilities are endless also and I had so many pictures of us I could have chosen from, but I think I chose well and created some cute gifts with some even cuter memories for us

Do you think I chose well? Would you create personalised gifts for your valentine or galentine?
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Snapfish provided credit for me to create these gifts

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  1. I always go for silly pictures too, haha! These are the most fun to look at after some time ;)

    Kotryna Bass Blog


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