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Monday, 1 February 2016

SportsShoes.com gave me the task of doing a whole month of running. It required a treadmill run AND a trail run once a week for the duration of January

Exactly what I needed to do to get myself into gear and into shape as, whilst I am not exactly 'big' nor 'slim', I have no stamina or any kind of fitness level. So I have entered into this a complete weakling and novice

I DID IT THOUGH! I PREVAILED! Now that the month is up it is time to share with you what I thought about it all
Hey! Holla fit kit

You can actually take a look at some weekly diaries I kept on my blog. Mainly as a way to motivate me to make sure I did my runs every week. They can all be found here: Week 1Week 2Week 3 & there is no week 4 one because I guess this is kinda it

I struggled to find any kind of motivation to go during the first week. It is that initial "ugh I really should exercise but TV" mentality that got in the way for me. If it wasn't for my little sister I wouldn't have gone on my trail run, and I wouldn't have gone to the gym. She pressured me both times and did my first 2 trail runs with me and pushed me to be better than I would have been if I had done it alone

In terms of the gym runs, I found these most fun because I didn't have to deal with the cold weather freezing up my asthmatic lungs. But I do feel like an idiot on a treadmill, not sure why. I am worried that others look at me and I am running like Phoebe from Friends. My gym also has been quite busy this month so treadmill use has been limited to 20 minutes at busy times. But that is enough time to really get me into treadmill work. As the month went on, I found I was looking forward to going and made sure to make some kind of time, even if it meant I was only there for 10 minutes

Again, with the trail runs I actually worried I looked like Phoebe

I have some woodlands right behind my house so would attempt to run around there, uphill and downhill, over branches, through mud. It was definitely a lot harder! You have to take into account the terrain and I was constantly scared I would hurt myself. I nearly fell over and twisted my ankle. Oops. I started attempting these in the evenings. Nope. Don't do that. Far colder and you can not see a thing! So I started to make time when I woke up on a weekend to go so that I had daylight and could see what I was doing. I did a mix of walking, jogging and sprinting, all because I have no stamina and my lungs would hurt from the cold so I would sometimes need to slow to a walk before I could pick it back up again

But at least I was out of the house and actually doing something and moving. Even if my lungs did hurt like hell and I am not sure I will be doing this again until the Summer

Let us hope I can keep it up seeing as it actually got better as the month went on and I started to feel a great sense of achievement after each session. I am even tempted to hire a Personal Trainer after my holiday to NYC in Feb to really push me and motivate me
Thank you SportsShoes.com for motivating me to get up and move, even if it did hurt like hell!

For more information on trail running, visit SportsShoes.com trail hub

Do you run? Can you recommend me any ways I can keep hold of my fitness hype?
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  1. Well done on getting through the month, I absolutely hate running but have to keep forcing myself to go out! x

  2. That's great getting through the month of running! I hope you keep it up. I started running as well, but my sodding knee is now giving me grief. Shame, as I enjoyed it.


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