Are you #DONE or #UNDONE?

Friday, 5 February 2016

Rush salon

I get my hair cut and coloured every 6 weeks religiously by Rush in Watford. When I had an invite land in my inbox from Rush HQ I just squealed delightfully. I had been invited to their House of Rush in Piccadilly to experience their Rush Masterclasses!!

The theme being #DoneUndone. Now I definitely am an #Undone kind of gal. I love messy and salty hair. I think I was meant to be a surfer chick, it just never panned out that way for me

Rush Salon
I have never been to the House of Rush before seeing as I am always in the Watford branch, but oh my goodness it is like another world. It is so ornate and glam, and product upon product lined the walls. I had never seen so much hair product before in my life!

We were also greeted to cute little vegan cupcakes and some healthy smoothies and juices
Don't worry, fizz was brought out eventually
Rush Salon
The whole point of the night being that we were going to get our hair done, or undone. We were there to look at Rush's new masterclasses that they offer where they teach you how to create a look that you want

My stylist started trying to teach me how to french braid my hair. I just couldn't get the hang of it in the mirror, but at least I now know the technique for it which I never even knew before. I kinda fail at being a girl as I really don't know much about hair styles and how to create them
Rush Salon
It was great looking around and seeing what the other bloggers were having done also! I wish my hair was longer so I could have been taught how to do a fishtail braid. That is something I have never understood or known how to do

Some people were being taught quiffs with ponytails that wrapped around themselves, some were being taught fishtail braids, some were being taught how to curl using curlers or GHD's
Rush Salon

Rush Salon
After my failed attempt at french braiding, we decided to opt for enhancing my natural hair. I walked in to the salon earlier that evening with wavy, messy hair, but hair that was ultimately flat with no real volume due to the weather and the wind

She decided to show me how to create an undone look with volume, but also that had defined curls, and how to use GHD's to create this. I learnt how and why to alternate which way you roll the GHD's, I learnt which products to use and what job they do (these products also came in my goodie bag. Yay!) and I learnt the best way to hold the GHD's depending on whether I am on the bottom layer or top layer of hair. Who knew I could learn so much, but from a look that was in theory quite simple?
Rush Salon

Et voila! I was shown how to create some beautiful curls within my hair that was full of bounce and volume. Defined, but also messed up to how I like it. The best thing is, I did it myself! They showed me how to do it a few times and then I took over and did the majority of my hair. They also showed me the best way to apply hairspray and which products to use at which time. Best part is, this was still quite quick to create!

Would you be #Done or #Undone?
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  1. Hey Kaye, love the post! So so jealous you got to go there, it looks amazing!!! I'm in the same boat as you I'm useless at doing hair styles, but these look fab. Loved the curls you had at the end too. Keep up the great work :) x

  2. Sounds like you had a great time. I prefer my hair to be #done, but I find #Undone look nicer! :)


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