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Monday, 15 February 2016

I first met Leigh of Fox & Feather blog at the European Bartender School event I attended
We did that typical blogger thing of following each other on Twitter and I kinda stalked her blog and her personal style

She is such a vintage dream! And because she was down back in London for a weekend, we hooked up to catch up over coffee but also for me to shoot an outfit for her blog

We met up at Rough Trade East, that delightful record store off of Brick Lane. Had a chat and after seeing her outfit I decided that the store itself would be a perfect setting and vibe for the photo shoot! Who wants pics in front of graffiti when you can tell a story inside Rough Trade?!

I much prefer fashion posts that tell a story. Maybe that is the editorial photographer inside of me coming out. I find them more interesting and dynamic than a simple "outfit in front of a wall" picture

I'd love to give you content like this of myself, but it's hard to take self portraits like the shots I have done for Leigh

These are just some of my favourite pictures in this post also. I took many more!
If you enjoy these images, I am available to hire for images for your own blog. Just drop me an email, a tweet, or a comment, and we can arrange something for sure

What do you think to Leigh's Style? Do you prefer images that tell a story, or focus on the outfit?
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  1. I love these images - have you got any tips that you share with people you are shooting? I always feel like a bit of an idiot when people take pictures for me!

    Lilla x

  2. Great selection of images! I love how natural they look!

  3. I love the selection of images, they are so natural! Super shooting

  4. I love these images. European Bartender schools sounds really interesting. I'm going to that blog post next.

    Katie x


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