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Monday, 28 March 2016

Feathers Fashion
Farfetch have become a really good client of mine within my photography career, and you may have seen the images I took for them at a male grooming event of theirs

I love shooting anything fashion related, and with my experience of shooting London Fashion Week I have become *quite good*, even if I do say so myself, at documenting things such as events

Recently, Farfetch gave Kim of Sweet Monday blog a tour of Feathers Fashion boutique which is right opposite Harrods and they asked me along to photograph Kim's tour

Feathers Fashion
All of the images within this post are a selection of my favourite images from the evening. I took so many more as you can imagine. Kim got such an in depth tour of the boutique and the designers that the boutique offers that it was so easy to just keep on snapping away as she rifled through rails, held items up against her and tried them on
Feathers Fashion
She was incredibly drawn to some amazing monochrome pieces with beautiful textures, but not to mention the Moschino section also with their bright colours and amazing slogans

I mean, come on, who doesn't love a bit of Moschino in their life anyway? I know I was insanely drawn to the new Powerpuff Girls bags that Moschino offer
Feathers Fashion

Feathers Fashion

Feathers Fashion

Feathers Fashion
Another key piece that she was drawn to was this Moncler Cyclamen padded jacket. It features a padded front but a really interesting layered back. From the front it looked like a very in trend bomber jacket, but from the back you'd almost think it was a cape

Farfetch offer it in a pale pink colour also, but Feathers had it in this khaki colour which gives it a great military vibe
Feathers Fashion

Feathers Fashion

Feathers is just one of the boutiques that Farfetch work with in London. You can order through Farfetch and the boutique will deliver it to your address, or you can pick it up from the boutique yourself so you can have a peruse of their rails much like we did this evening

Farfetch have curated which boutiques appear on their website themselves, and they offer choices from over 400 boutiques from across the globe

I hope you liked my images from our evening tour, and hopefully this post will also help you find where to purchase your next designer item from! I know I really want the Powerpuff Girls Moschino range, and I know I can get it from Feathers through Farfetch!

You can read the blog post by Sweet Monday here

Are you into designer gear? I offer images like these to all bloggers, so holla if you want to shoot!
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  1. Hi there, I will admit that I never brought anything from farfetch. A lot of the stuff look really pretty. xx


  2. Oh wow this boutique looks lovely. We don't have many cute stores like this in Manchester. Your photography is great :).



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