Friday, 4 March 2016

You may have seen Grounded Body Scrub on Dragons Den if you are a regular watcher of the show. My parents did and they loved the sound of the benefits and thought of me straight away

It's apparently great for eczema, dry skin, and giving your skin a bit of extra life. Because me and my dad suffer from eczema, and I suffer from acne scar riddled skin, they told me about the brand and we started looking at where we could buy it to try it

I ended up being lucky enough to be sent a pack for review!

I asked for the Chocolate Orange one seeing as I would be sharing it with my dad, I thought he would prefer the scent of this one and consider it not 'too girly'
It smells exactly like a Terry's Chocolate Orange. I opened the pack and just wanted to eat it all (PSA: please DO NOT eat it. Haha. Whilst it is a coffee scrub, it isn't edible due to the added oils and vitamins)

They also do a coconut scrub and a grapefruit scrub and each one has a different benefit to the other. For example, the coconut one is extra moisturising due to the added coconut oil

Being a coffee scrub, it is dead messy, and it uses ground Robusta coffee which is coarser than your average body scrub from other brands. I ended up first using it in the bath so all I did was scrubbed my face (gently as I don't want to scrub my face off) and my arms and chest as you are meant to scrub and then leave it on for 10 minutes before washing off. Being in a bath I couldn't really do other areas and then wait 10 minutes before washing off

After washing it off and then drying myself off, not only did I smell amazing and edible, but my skin felt so soft. My chest had loads of red spots on it before the scrub, but after my skin looked so clear. The same went for my face. It looked so much clearer than before the scrub

The next morning when I woke up, I still smelt a bit, but this was quite an exciting scent as I smelt like freshly brewed coffee! A bit weird I know, but that aroma sometimes wakes people up and excites them for their day

The eczema within my eyebrows didn't seem so bad in the morning either, not like it usually is

Because a scrub is an exfoliant, you wouldn't want to use this every day. I'd suggest using it maybe two or three times a week depending on how you feel your skin is
I have been using it twice a week currently, and I still have some dry skin in areas, but those are areas that unfortunately I can't get the scrub on to (such as my scalp!)

Would you #GetGrounded?
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  1. Great post! Love the photos. The scrub looks good but kind of messy.


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