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Friday, 25 March 2016

I think this picture (one I am incredibly ashamed of now, but you can't help but laugh at it) sums up everything I am going to say within this post!

I have made many a mistake when abroad. But this particular night just always springs to mind as we now have so many running jokes from this night. It was from one of my first of many holidays with my best friend Danni and everything is just a little bit cringe

This post is also an entry in Oliver's Travels bloggers competition! If I win, I will get to stay here in Portugal, Eek!

Let us set the scene. Nerja, Spain. We stay with Danni's aunty and uncle as they live out there. Nerja is a small area in Spain but they do have Tutti Frutti square for an amazing night life. We'd go out every night and then tan by the pool by day. Typical girly holiday really. Just please remember to put sunscreen on. I ended up so red. But that isn't what caused the image above

No. What caused the image above is finding a bar that did tequila shots for the cheap as chips price of 1 euro. 1 euro for 1 shot. So Danni, who drinks tequila like it is water rocks up to the bar and asks for 12 tequila shots. Each...

That is 24 shots lined up on a bar and we start on opposite ends and meet in the middle. I don't even know how I ended up with all of these stamps all over me. Don't ever drink so much alcohol that it becomes one big blur people! And sometimes, you really don't need to take that selfie. Like in the image above. That is one hot mess right there and it comes back to haunt me every single year on my "facebook memories". If this story doesn't make you cringe, the picture certainly will

We also decided to walk home from Tutti Frutti square that night. It was something like a 30 minute walk. I think at the rate we were walking it ended up being 2 hours. We decided to walk along the beach rather than a main road out of Nerja. Walking on sand is pretty difficult anyway, let alone when you can barely keep your eyes open and walk straight

Needless to say, I had the smart idea of skinny dipping in the ocean. Yep. I decided to do that. I totally blame the 12 tequila shots I had (not to mention all the rest of the alcohol I had that night also). I remember this fact because I have pictures of me starkers that Danni decided to take on my camera. When I came out, as it was so dark I couldn't find where my clothes were and so I think I ended up leaving underwear behind on the beach... oops... and walking back home soaked through and in a really half undressed messy state. What must her aunt and uncle think of me! I can only just piece the night together because of the images that were on my camera the next morning. LOL
When looking back at the images together, we also realised we made some new friends. We had so many pictures with these bunch of Spanish guys but we don't remember them at all, so we ended up calling one of them "witch nose, child teeth" because he had a witchy style nose with tiny little children's teeth. That nickname has now just stuck and any time we say it we just burst into tears of laughter. I decided to include the image for you so you could see what I mean

Please please please learn from my mistakes and don't ever get so drunk that you remember NOTHING. Because I was so drunk, skinny dipping in the dark probably wasn't the best idea, but I did it anyway. Remember to stay safe! And I hope you liked my cringey entry
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  1. This is HILARIOUS, but so concerning! I'm always really careful if I'm abroad because I don't know the area, but I have so many messy regrets from drinking in the UK

    Steph - http://nourishmeclean.blogspot.com


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