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Staycation: Swinton Bivouac

Swinton Bivouac
I love travelling and going away, and experiencing things I never normally would. I love how it can broaden the mind as well as give you new life experiences and memories

After my trip to New York, I spent 2 days at home before driving up to Yorkshire to stay at Swinton Bivouac. It seems I am never much at home anymore

I was going to be staying in a cabin for the weekend! With NO electricity! Hel-lo digital detox. No wi-fi, no charging devices, just woodland and fresh air and lanterns and a roaring log fire
Swinton Bivouac
It took me about 3 hours to drive from Harpenden to Swinton Bivouac. Not bad at all really. And when we got there we headed to the cafe/reception area

We checked in, were given our keys as well as a map. We had to drive back out of the reception area and up a road to a private car park and then grab our bags and walk, a very muddy, footpath through the woodland to our cabin which was named 'Teasel Burrow'. It was the last one of 6 cabins that Swinton Bivouac have. All cabins are spaced quite apart so you don't have to worry about disturbances or interference, and you can just sit down and relax with the peaceful sounds of woodland or your roaring fire
Swinton Bivouac
It really is a dream place. I can imagine sitting on the porch in summer in a rocking chair, playing some duelling banjos, not that I know how to play the banjo

The design of the place is just beautiful and it is all wooden. When you are standing on the porch you have an amazing view of some Yorkshire countryside. Absolutely breathtaking
Swinton Bivouac
Swinton Bivouac
These cabins can house 7 people!! It's quite amazing how they have laid it all out to fit 7 beds in. We stayed in the double bed at the very top of the cabin which was positioned underneath a skylight window

You will never know until you experience it yourselves just how mesmerised I was by this skylight. When we decided to go to bed as we had no idea what the time was, we got under the duvet and stared out of the skylight and could see the amazingly bright full moon, with a dash of stars that looked like glitter

I feel truly at peace when I am looking at stars, but in the comfort of an amazing bed with a beautifully bright full moon. Wow. Just wow. This alone made my weekend
Swinton Bivouac
Did I mention a roaring fire?
Because these are authentic cabins, there is no electricity. You heat everything with a fire place. They have running water for taps and the toilet, but if you want a warm shower you need to make sure the fire has been burning in order to heat up the water

Alternatively, they have showers and wash facilities at the cafe nearby if you can't quite work out the fireplace
They also have kept the cabins well stocked with extra blankets. I loved just curling up in one with my man just talking all through the night with some wine and a fire flickering away, under the light of tealight lanterns

Again, no electricity means no lighting also. They have the place well stocked with tea light lanterns and extra tea lights for you also. Just remember to take one with you into the bathroom rather than hunt for a light switch like I did many times
Swinton Bivouac
The cabins were right near Druids Temple in Yorkshire. When I say right near, they were literally next to, but still hidden away from the general public who may take a walk to Druids Temple

Druids Temple is considered one of Yorkshire's quirkiest follies and there is some debate as to when it was actually built, but it's safe to say it is close to 200 years old now. Rumours are it was built in 1820

I don't really know the history of Druids Temple, or Druids themselves. But to me it seems like a place I could imagine Pagan and Wiccan rituals (I am ridiculously into Wicca and witchcraft so this is what I was picturing when exploring it)
Druids Temple

Druids Temple

Druids Temple
I am already planning to try and come back for another weekend in the summer, when the days are longer and brighter as I adored it so much
It really fulfilled the lil' country gal within me

I am also trying to find other cabins or other quirky places to stay in the UK. I have been looking at treehouses recently to stay in. I love a good bit of quirk and personality
Swinton Bivouac

Would you stay in a cabin with no electricity? Do you think you could do it? How beautiful does Swinton Bivouac look?!
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  1. How beautiful! I love that you are forced to switch off. And that druid temple looks so intriguing. Lovely post.

  2. How beautiful and looks so peaceful! I would stay in a place with no electrics, makes you relax. I love travelling to see different places and experience something new. Great blog! | UK Blogger

  3. This looks like the cosiest place to go for a weekend. I've been looking for somewhere like this for ages!

  4. Wow. I love the simplicity of the place. :) It looks so calming and peaceful. It would be amazing for a short weekend getaway to just unwind from everyday life.


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