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Monday, 25 April 2016

Last week-ish, on the 15th April I got to be a VIP at a brand new club/bar that was opening up in Stevenage

Now, I am from Watford. Stevenage isn't too far away but a taxi would have been killer for us so we booked a hotel. None of me and my 6 pals had ever had a night out in Stevenage so we didn't know what to really expect either

We decided to pre drink at the hotel, and only go to Bar & Beyond which was the new bar we were there to experience
Here's what I thought...

Firstly, the package I received was a KILLER package! A booth seated right by the DJs and the dance floor, a bottle of Moet champagne, and a whole bottle of Ciroc vodka

Super classy and fancy. Just the way I like life! I love champagne for a start, people always joke that I don't drink prosecco and it *has* to be champagne. Totally a lie because I drink Prosecco, I just give off that air of sophistication and obsession apparently

We had a choice of mixers available to us for the Ciroc, and when the drinks were brought out the Moet and Ciroc were in an ice bucket with sparklers attached. What a great centrepiece and a bit of excitement. We all whooped until the sparklers died down. Attached to the bucket was also a smaller bucket filled with lemon and lime wedges. I thought this was a great touch! We later ended up using them with tequila shots, but I think they are meant for your vodka and mixer

The booth had plenty of space and could easily have fit more than 7 of us in, but I think we had one of the larger ones as I saw smaller ones dotted around the place

I loved the decor of the place too as secretly, I am just a bit of a hipster! Graffiti, carousel horses. I wish I could see it in daylight rather than the glow of multi coloured lights

I loved the fact we poured our vodka and mixer into paint cans and drank out of paint cans. You could also get a stein of beer, which my friends got many of because they were the same size as their head

The best bit? I annoyingly didn't experience this! They serve food until 2am! The place closes at 3am. That is some damn good service! And what a way to appeal to people who regularly get the munchies like me

I did get a bit confused about the layout of the place as there didn't seem to be an official dance floor. There was just so many people congregated around the DJ area and other booths that I took that to be the dance floor and joined right in

I then had one girl come over to say my playsuit was amazing and asked me where I got it from. I take that as a small win of the night

Being in a booth we regularly had people from the bar come over and take our empty glasses away, but also asking if we were OK and if we needed anything more

Half the time, we were fine as everybody had been going up to the bar themselves anyway. We aren't used to table service and didn't know it existed! That's a plus point in my eyes, a place that can still be sold out and rammed, but still offer you table service

We all had such a great night out, and even though our hotel was around the corner, we didn't get there until like 4am I think

All my friends the next day kept thanking me for such a great night out haha don't thank me guys, thank Bar & Beyond! Thanks Bar & Beyond for an amazing night out and something different from our regular St Albans pubs

I may even come down just to try some of the food. It looks amazing if you look at their menu. Some real amazing sounding burgers on there. I do love my food after all

Are you guys ready to #PonyUp?
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VIP package I received was complimentary, but all opinions and views are my own


  1. I was there the same night! I had a great time, didn't realise you lived in Watford, glad you and your friends had a good night as well x

  2. Hi, I was looking and am completely new to the whole blogging scene.. i was wondering if you knew any good blogs to follow and how i even find them in the first place.. ha yes I'm that much of a novice!


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