Birthday Wishlist

Friday, 1 April 2016

Birthday Wishlist

Welcome to April! Being the 1st of April, that now means it is 27 days until my 26th birthday. Time to get that wish list out there

I never expect to get anything from my wish lists. It's just nice to create one if people want to gift you eh? I never even expect gifts. I just like to celebrate one more year of health and success with people I love. Gifts are just an added bonus

  • First on the list, the Anastasia Beverly Hills cream contour palette. I have the Kat Von D powder contour palette, but cream looks so much nicer to work with!
  • Roller Derby gear! I need some leopard print elbow pads to match my leopard print knee pads
  • Hendricks Gin. Gin. Any kind of Gin. I'm not fussy. Just Gin please and thank you
  • The Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani eyeshadow palette. It's about time I got into eyeshadows. And a lipstick or 2 from the collection would be most welcome
  • Seeing as I am off to Orlando in May, I would LOVE Discovery Cove tickets for me and my bestie so that we can go swim with the dolphins during our holiday
  • I put this on my wishlist last year, and I am doing it again. The GirlBoss book!
  • Laura Mercier loose setting powder. It is time to learn the art of 'baking' my makeup and I need loose powder to do it with
  • Moschino Powerpuff Girls bag. These bags are just amazing! The Powerpuff girls were one of my fave programmes growing up and Bubbles was definitely my fave. This whole collection is just my childhood meets high fashion. LOVE LOVE LOVE

What would you put on to your birthday wishlist?
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