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Monday, 4 April 2016 have given me a "Sour Face" challenge after I boasted that the likes of 'Toxic Waste' sweets and others just aren't sour enough for me!

I am the kind of girl that will happily sit there and munch on a whole lemon and not have a single scrunch on my face. Sour just doesn't seem to be sour enough for me

So, they have put me to the test and sent me a whole bunch of their finest sour candy to see if I can withstand it all. My hat is kinda on the line, so if I fail at this and something does make my face scrunch, bye bye hat
As well as the sour candies they sent me, they must have known I have a slight addiction/obsession with Reese's peanut butter cups, and peanut butter in general as I had some lovely additions to my package which I wolfed down straight after taking the photo above
Candy Hero sent me loads of items I had never heard of before, or even ever seen. Safe to say I am excited to get stuck in and see if any of these scrunch my face up with sour overload

First of all I tried out the 'Diablo' sweets. These were an amazing citrus flavour, but then you get a tinge of chilli heat. An odd mix! I tried one, and all I tasted was citrus and thought "Sour? No way! Anyone can eat this". I then chucked a whole load of them into my mouth and again, didn't feel any sour-ness come through. I did get a stronger feeling of chilli though right after the initial lovely lemon taste

If you don't know of 'Toxic Waste' where have you been?! These were a firm favourite in my school years. I remember people buying them and trying to see how long each person could keep one in their mouth for. These are tantalising on your tongue, but nope, still not sour enough for me and I can sit comfortably with it on my tongue until it has all gone

Next, I tried the 'Sour Patch Kids Extreme', the 'Warheads Chewy Cubes', the 'Sour Smog Balls', and 'Cry Baby' bubble gum!
The Sour Patch Kids Extreme, again no sour scrunch. But these had some amazing flavours to them! My favourite was the blue one, but I can't pinpoint what the flavour is meant to be. Think Haribo Tangfastics, but a different company and different flavours

Warheads Chewy Cubes, these I did NOT like. Not sour at all, really squishy so I hated the texture and the flavours were really artificial also

Sour Smog Balls. I had one, not sour at all. I then put a whole load into my mouth. These are only sour once you bite into them and release the centre of the ball. Again, not a single twitch of my face, but there was a nice tingle on my tongue

Lastly, Cry Baby bubble gum. I had high hopes for this because of the name. I was let down again. Can you tell by the bored expression in my selfies?! It was a nice flavour and great to remember my childhood of blowing bubbles and popping them, but again, not sour at all
Just to show you that I am not lying and not cheating, I had my partner John try out the sweets with me. Toxic Waste and the Sour Smog Balls definitely made him scrunch up! He couldn't handle it at all, whereas I held a Toxic Waste sweet in my mouth for as long as it took to disappear and he was mesmerised by the fact my face just did not budge

All of that sweet eating also turned our tongues blue! We had great fun reminiscing of childhood days with 'Toxic Waste' sweets and comparing sweets with each other. It's amazing how different and unique we can all be as humans. What was sour to John, didn't even make my tongue tingle

Sorry CandyHero, but these just didn't affect me one bit. They were lovely sweets, but maybe I am just too hardcore for them? My hat is well and truly safe 

Do you like sour sweets and sour food? Would you take on a sour challenge?
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Items were a gift from CandyHero for the sakes of this challenge

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