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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Go Shorty, it's yo' birthday. We gonna party like it's yo birthday

Well, it actually IS my birthday today. Hooray for me and hooray for turning 26. Yep, I turn 26 today. If y'all wanna send me birthday presents of peanut butter cups go for it. I'd love you forever

In the meantime though, there isn't any better way of celebrating than with a good cocktail or 2, or 3, or 4...
Funkin makes it so easy to celebrate with a cocktail of your choice

Funkin have some new flavours out also! You would have seen I have written about them before when it was Dry January, but I can actually enjoy them now with my babes with some good ol' alcohol in

I can put vodka, or gin in a mojito if I want too. I don't have to stick with rum. BTW, raspberry mojito is one of their new flavours and it is love. Seriously. I am not fond of mojitos, but add raspberry in and I am all over that

Elderflower Collins is also a newbie to the Funkin Cocktails crew. I am yet to try this because even though a Collins is normally gin based, I just am not sure on the Elderflower... I have never yet liked anything with Elderflower in
Others have assured me what a beauty it is though

It is so easy to make a decent, but non complicated cocktail thanks to them. Normally a mojito you'd need things like mint leaves to crush in, sugar, lime juice and soda water etc, but nope, with this you just pour in over your alcohol measure and give it a little mix. The mojito is just an example. There are more complicated cocktails out there that Funkin help you to make at home with ease and without the cocktail knowledge and prowess

My all time faves would have to be 'Hollywood', which is a gorgeous berry flavour. I can't even begin to think though which cocktail it emulates. Almost like a non fizzy Cheeky V perhaps. Doesn't matter because whatever it is, it is easy and beautiful! *heart eyes emoji*

I also do love a good 'Strawberry Woo Woo' and 'Strawberry Daiquiri'. These are amazing with some prosecco in for a little bit of fizz, even though they are meant to be with vodka. Bend the rules slightly and create your own concoctions! It is THAT easy to do

Now excuse me whilst I go celebrate getting older with ALL of the Funkin Cocktail mixers I own! Time to get the party started

What is your cocktail of choice?
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