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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

It's that time of year where everybody starts planning their summer plans and mainly which summer festivals they will be heading too

I don't actually have any festivals planned for this year, apart from Slamdunk festival which is just a day long festival, but I'll still be planning an outfit for this one day festival to give off festi vibez

What better way to get festival vibezzz than with a splash of colour in your hair and festival hairstyles to beat the grease that inevitably comes from lack of proper washing (I get greasy hair all too quickly, and it seems this is the year of the dutch braids so get practicing your braiding). Totes hipster and Coachella

Joico have created a product called "Instatint" which gives you colour without the need for hair dye, without the need for bleaching, and is easily washed out! You can change up your hair every day without the commitment. Little bit of a fun miracle

It's like hairspray, but for colour. As somebody who gets bored with her hair so easily and is always changing it up, this kind of product is perfect! I don't have to commit to a certain colour, and I can change the placement of the colour within my hair every day if I so wanted to

I was sent 3 colours. The "Mermaid Blue", YAAAASSSSSSSSSSSS, the "Pink" and then "Sapphire Blue"

Straight away I had to try out Mermaid Blue. I have wanted a mermaidy bluey-green ombre for a while, I just haven't committed to bleaching my hair as my hair is so dark it is almost black. That would take a lot of bleaching and a lot of damage

This is such a great thing about these coloured sprays, my hair is almost black but these still show up. AND the colour is buildable, so the more I spray on, the more it will show up. Winning

I think spraying these onto some dutch braids would make for some serious enviable festi hair. I have only tried the Mermaid Blue thus far, but I will be trialling an ombre with the pink for sure

Once you have sprayed your hair and let it dry, there is no transfer of colour onto your hands or clothes. But it does leave your hair feeling like straw
Your hair is still brushable and it won't remove the colour, but brushing my hair didn't seem to improve the texture of it. As a temporary colour solution though I am happy to deal with the straw like feel to my hair, rather than knowing my hair feels like straw from bleaching damage

Would you give these coloured sprays a go?
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  1. These are so much fun! I would totally love to try these out.

  2. They are fun and great for festivals as a quick fix.


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