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Monday, 18 April 2016

Yes, I am one of those people where the Kardashians and the Jenners are a guilty pleasure of mine and I do enjoy to watch KUWTK

Yes, I have bought into the hype and fandom and am one of those people that eagerly await a Kylie Lip Kit restock

The first one I knew that I needed was 'Dolce K'. That nudey brown, that depending on your skin tone, looks really nude or really brown. For me, it looks an amazing light brown colour, but obviously nowhere near as brown as 'True Brown K'

Which incidentally, True Brown K is next on my wishlist...

As you all should know by now, the Kylie Lip Kits come with a lip pencil and then your matte liquid lipstick

For us UK people, one of them costs $29 with $14 shipping which end ups being approximately £30. The more you buy, the cheaper they effectively are due to shipping and the rates
One good thing also, I didn't need to pay any extra duties or customs when it got delivered! Woohoo!

The lip pencil is one of the smoothest pencils I have ever used on my lips, and is amazingly pigmented. You could even wear it alone that's how good it actually is. I am just not sure on the longevity of it alone

When paired with the liquid lipstick, it does not budge. Yes greasy food will make it lift up in the middle of your lips, but this is one of the easiest liquid lipsticks to apply and especially once you have lined your lips. And the formula is one of the best I have ever come across

I know I raved about the Kat Von D liquid lipsticks and I still love those, but this one doesn't dry out my lips and feels like a second skin. I actually don't feel like I have a lipstick on my lips at all and I can go about my day without worrying about it one bit

The liquid part also has a really sweet smell when you open the tube. I kinda like it but I know some people don't like artificial smells

It seems that Kylie really does know how to make lipsticks. I am really surprised by how amazing this product actually is and how worth the money it is!

It turns out, that since writing this, I have also ordered 'Kourt K' and waited eagerly until 10pm for the first ever stocking of that bold purple shade
Has this become a new addiction/obsession of mine?!

Would you try a Kylie Lip Kit?
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I would like to add, I have written this blog post before it seems that a lot of people have been having issues with Kylie Cosmetics. I am still yet to experience any issues, but my 2 Kourt K Lip Kits did take 2.5 weeks to arrive and I DID have to pay customs on that


  1. I've heard so many bad things about the company's customer service that I've been totally put off from buying them. If I could go into a store and pick one up it would be fine, but there have been so many horrible incidents with them and people not getting their money back that I would never be able to hand over £30 for one product without secure knowledge that it was with a company I trusted

    Steph -

    1. I totally agree with you Steph! And I ordered this item WAY before any of this drama came out. I have had this since like the second restock. I managed to snap it up so early

      Kourt K I also snapped up when that one first came out. But the horror stories I have heard now since purchasing Kourt K, I am not sure I could purchase again from the company for fear that something goes wrong (even though I have 2 products that have been fine)

  2. Hey there!
    You said you had to pay customs on the two Kourt K's and I was wondering how much the customs price was? I'm still needing to buy one (or two :D) of the lipkits but I'm just a bit worried about if i'll get charged for customs and how much approx. it will be?
    Thanks :D

    1. The customs charge for the 2 Kourt K's was only £16. Not that much really, but obviously makes the whole lipstick more expensive in the end

    2. That's not too bad, I've heard some people were getting charged £30 which worried me, since that's a price of one lipstick anyway. But I managed to get Candy K and Dolce K yesterday! Just hoping I don't get charged customs now :/


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