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Friday, 15 April 2016

I regularly get my hair cut in a Rush Salon. My haunt for pampering every 6 weeks is their salon in Watford where I am best buds with the manager as I have been going there for so long

Rush have recently opened in West Hampstead and they invited me down to have a look around the super modern and airy new premises, as well as get a new look for myself!

My hair was super dark, almost black, with a blunt full fringe. Just wait until you see what we have done...

Rush in West Hampstead can be found super close to West Hampstead Thameslink rail station, and not too far from the underground station just a bit further beyond the rail station. A prime location really for commuters and anybody within London, or outside of London like I am

It opens until late too. My appointment was at 6pm and it doesn't close until 9pm. Definitely perfect for you commuters out there

Can I add that I was there until 8.45pm. I spent 3 hours in there being pampered and treated like a VIP with my Lindt chocolate and glass of wine, all because I got there at 5.30pm

As soon as I walked in, the staff were friendly and very welcoming. You are always offered a complimentary drink when you are seated and you can choose from hot drinks, soft drinks and even a cheeky tipple

This time, I decided to treat myself with a glass of rose and they bring it out with little snacks for you. I munched on some Lindt and pretzels whilst waiting for my hair expert to become available

We then discussed what we would be doing to my hair. I normally go for a tiny trim just to keep my hair healthy, and a re-cut in of my full fringe as well as a full colour as dark brown isn't my natural hair colour
This time though, I have decided to opt for something different. The standard trim cut, but let's throw some bleach in and start an ombre!

Liliana, my hairdresser, asked me what I wanted to do and what I normally get done. We thoroughly went through the condition of my hair and she ended up explaining that she won't use bleach per se, but something that won't be as harsh on my hair and that it won't end up as light as I want without 2 or 3 applications. She also decided to use a semi permanent on the top of my hair and my roots so that it fades into a nice blend with the ombre but hides my mousey coloured roots that almost look grey in comparison to the dark colour I had

This in depth chat we had helped her to really understand my hair and its condition, but also I trusted her with my hair completely. She had some amazing knowledge to be able to keep my hair as healthy as possible, but achieve the results I want eventually

I eventually want to be able to do a mermaid ombre!

She even used a toner when washing my hair even though my hair wasn't that overly blonde

I ended up sitting in the chair for about 2 hours with this lightener on sections of my hair, whereas the cut and blowdry took all of 20 minutes if that haha

She even blowdried my hair wavy, as I normally like the messy bedhead chic look for my hair. I love it when a person listens to what you like and then does it, rather than just does something they want to do (I have had hairstylists before straighten the hell out of my hair, but I HATE my hair straight as it shows off how thin and fine it actually is)

Below is the end result. A natural ombre. I actually quite like the colour it is already. Some people would say 'ginge', but I love it. I'm not sure if I will take it any brighter!

I feel like a brand new woman. I have always had dark colours in my hair, so this is a whole new me for a whole new salon!

Rush in West Hampstead can be found at 186-188 West Lane, London, NW6 1SG. You can book online via Rush's site and even find your closest salon

What do you think to my brand new look?
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Haircut and treatments were complimentary, but all views are my own


  1. Lovely blog post, I live very close to Watford XD
    It's nice to get hair done at salon! :)

    Bollianaxo | Student's Lifestyle Blog

  2. I've always had really dark hair and recently had it made ombre with a very similar colour and I love it! I've been doing it from home and it's taken three rounds of stripping it to get to a colour like yours so I am a little envious. I think it looks amazing on you - the hairdresser did such a good job with that pretty blow dry too

    Steph -


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