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Monday, 9 May 2016

It is no real secret that I love a bit of Gin. I even wrote a whole bunch of Christmassy Gin cocktails for y'all

I first tried Bloom Gin at The Stylists Rail event I photographed. Bloom sponsored it and I fell in love with it that day. (Please note, I don't often drink on the job. My client allowed me and who am I to say no?!)

Bloom have now partnered with Fentiman's to bring us some pre-mixed drinks. You can get your G&T pre-mixed with Fentiman's tonic, or for something a little different you can opt for Gin and rose lemonade

Yep. Rose Lemonade. Something a bit different that may put off some people, but I love anything rose. I have a lot of rose scented candles, I have made rose macarons before, I even have roses tattooed onto me

This is definitely a drink best served chilled. Preferably at a picnic also. It has summer vibes all over it! From the natural pale pink of it, to the scent as you open the bottle, as well as the crisp of bubbles with the perfume and taste of rose. Now if you don't know what rose tastes like, it tastes exactly like it smells. It's hard to describe, but sometimes when you smell something you can also taste it. I get that with rose scents. It does have a perfumey taste to it, but I love it
With Gin, even better. Ice cold, the best

It really is one of those drinks that you shouldn't knock until you try it. I took some to a BBQ and gave some to my best friend and her eyes widened in surprise and she exclaimed "this is lovely!". She isn't even a Gin drinker!

If you are curious, you can find Bloom Gin and Rose Lemonade at Waitrose stores as well as online. I think you should make it your summer tipple!

Will you be trying Bloom Gin and Rose Lemonade?
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  1. I absolutely love gin, and I love fentiman's so this is a match made in heaven for me - perfect for this amazing weather!

    Erin xx

  2. I know a lot of people who love gin so will be sharing with them. This looks like a gorgeous drink for the Summer!

  3. I don't have a waitrose near me but this sounds absolutely amazing! Such a pretty bottle too! Thank you for introducing this to me!

    Whitney x | Whitney Loren.

  4. your photography is so lovely any tips?


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