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Monday, 23 May 2016

Did you know that bees are in danger? And that we actually need Bees?
Yes those pesky things that you swat away for buzzing around your ear. They need us and we need them! Without them to pollinate our crops, we would then be suffering and losing out on all kinds of foods we eat. Not to mention, the meat we eat would no longer be able to graze properly

Just Bee Honey Water wants to help the bees, whilst also hydrating us quite naturally

I was sent some Just Bee Honey Water for review, but what I wasn't expecting was the pack of Wildflower seeds within the box!

What a cute little addition. The point being, you plant these seeds wherever you want and then you have some flowers that bees can happily pollinate and thrive on. Yes Bees can be annoying, but like I said we do actually need them within our ecosystem in order to survive

The drink itself is all natural flavoured water and I had 3 flavours sent to me. Blueberry, Lemon & Green Tea, and Apple & Ginger

A lot of flavoured waters I have come across put in artificial sweeteners. Chemicals like Aspartame. YUCK! I think Aspartame is what triggers some of my migraines so I steer clear
But this water is just pure water, fruit, and one single drop of honey for added sweetness. The honey is effectively the sugar. Therefore meaning these drinks are less than 50 calories each, and made from all natural ingredients

My favourite has been the Blueberry flavour. I don't actually like blueberries themselves, but the added honey made it taste heavenly. I could taste the honey and it made the whole drink pleasantly sweet, but not sickly sweet. I could tell it was all natural and I didn't get any of that nasty chemical artificial sweetness that you can get from other drinks. I may be more susceptible to artificial sweeteners

Anything I can purchase to help the environment, I will do so also. We need it to survive after all

Would you help save the bees?
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