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Monday, 16 May 2016

Karma Cola is a brand I had never heard of before. I used to be really addicted to the well known brands of Cola, to the point that I tried to give them up and got the shakes and migraines. Eek, not good at all!

Karma Cola is here to help us "Drink No Evil" by using good, organic, and fairtrade ingredients to make their soft drinks

The Cola is made from real cola nut which is grown by the Mende and Temne people in Sierra Leone. Every time you buy it, you help them and their villages out by aiding them with money to fund projects they need carried out

Within their range they also have Gingerella and Lemony Lemonade, and just look at the bottles. These are some of the funkiest bottles I have seen in a long time and I just adore them. I am tempted to wash them out and keep them as vases for small bunches of flowers

Let me tell you something. Forget Bey's Lemonade. It's all about Lemony Lemonade! This drink was so refreshing, natural, crisp, and just all round lovely. I can eat lemons, so yes, sour stuff doesn't affect me and I love the taste of lemons but this isn't too sour, and you can still taste that it is all natural. It isn't artificially sweet either like some lemonades can be and it didn't make me feel like I was on a sugar high
This is definitely my new favourite lemonade of choice. Sorry Bey

Karma Cola itself, again, you could taste it was natural and knowing it is fairtrade, that made it seem a whole lot sweeter also. It isn't like your Pepsi's and Coca Cola's, but it was pleasant and the sweetness seemed a whole lot more natural to me too. I feel like I could taste a subtle hint of nut, but not sure whether that is because I knew it was made from a nut with some added cane sugar

Karma Cola, Lemony Lemonade and Gingerella are available in coffee shops, bars, eateries and Waitrose stores. Find your nearest stockist here

Would you switch to a fairtrade brand?
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  1. I love the designs of these, especially the ginger one!



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