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Monday, 30 May 2016

I recently had a *mini* spending spree on If you have never heard of Farfetch, it is a great way to shop designer items from all kinds of global fashion boutiques

Read more to see what I hauled and how it all works...

By mini haul I mean I only spent £100. I spent hours on there looking for the perfect items to order and I eventually settled on a McQ by Alexander McQueen Razor bracelet, and a Michael Kors makeup bag

You can view and shop just like you normally would online. You can shop accessories, shoes, clothing, etc. The difference being, there is such a vast selection of designers and items you can choose because Farfetch have so many boutiques available for you to purchase from!

My Michael Kors makeup bag came from Tessabit in Italy, whilst the McQ bracelet came from Vitkac in Poland. Just look at how pretty Tessabit wrapped up the makeup bag! A bow and everything. Both items then came in a Farfetch bag, safely wrapped in an outer box for delivery

The boutiques package up your item and ship them out seperately, but I ended up receiving the 2 items on the same day. Best thing is that Farfetch give you a flat rate shipping cost, so you don't need to pay extra from each boutique. Even better because some of the boutiques are abroad. When you are viewing an item you can also see exactly which boutique the item is coming from and the country that boutique is in

I think Farfetch is such a great way to shop small fashion boutiques and keep those alive and thriving, as well as being able to access all kinds of fashion designers that aren't just your well known "Celine", "Chloe", "Michael Kors", et al. But of course I looked at these names because yanno, I am a well known label snob

Farfetch also now stock Beauty items, which made my decision even harder when shopping because I was all "designer accessories, or makeup... designer accessories or makeup...????!" They have the Rodial Dragon's Blood Discovery Kit on there which I have been tempted to try out for ages! But alas, the accessories won

In hindsight, the MK makeup bag is a lot smaller than I would have liked. I should have spent the extra £20 for the larger size, but it is sturdy and beautiful as it is the Saffiano leather they use on some of their bags. I may not even use it as a makeup bag. I haven't decided yet

The McQ bracelet is just beautiful. Probably not to everybody's taste because of the gold Razor blade, but it is a leather bracelet and creates a triple wrap around your wrist. I went for the white and gold option, but there were many different colour variants also available

Have you shopped with Farfetch before?
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  1. Wow what a lovely Bracelet, never heard of before, they say you learn something new everyday! Great post! x

  2. Only a few times but I hope to use them more in the future.


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