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Monday, 2 May 2016

I have been lucky enough to attend Spa London near Old Street before for a treatment, so when they invited me to a bloggers brunch event at their Kensington branch with Essie I just knew I had to go!

I love events anyway, but when an event is held in a spa? Even more of a yes! And brunch?! I have always wanted to go to a brunch event. Bloggers seem to love brunch so I need to get in on that properly

The reason for this event is because Essie manicures have just been launched with Spa London! They used to give nail treatments and manis with Jessica, but they have now gone to the ways of Essie

Essie is a name a lot of people know and love and always have fashion at their forefront of their collections. Works well with me seeing as I photograph the collections at London Fashion Week. The polishes used in the spas though have a slightly different formula to the ones you buy in the high street, so they are meant to last longer because of this
Before attending the event we had the choice of just a regular polish mani (but remember, their regular polish in salons and spas are meant to last longer), a nail art mani or a gel mani

I opted for a gel mani, but OMG after seeing the results of a nail art mani I wish I had kinda gone for that option. However, my gels are lush and will last me a long while and are perfect for a wedding I have coming up to attend
Essie have recently released their gel range as they have wanted to perfect their formula. They focus on the health of the nail, even after removal. Their gel polish includes keratin-care technology so that your nail is kept hydrated and fortified
Which means my nails should still be in tip top condition even after I remove them

Being gels, the best way to remove is to soak in polish remover. I always soak a cotton pad, wrap around the nail and then wrap tin foil around and sit like that for 10-20 minutes or so

I opted for Essie's colour 'Moody Mood' which is this amazing vampy purple, but in some lights it looks like a very very deep red. I'm a very dark person, and don't do overly bright colours. Darker suits me best and this colour is just lush on me. I am in love with it

My nails feel so healthy underneath the gels, and they are meant to last 2 weeks before they need to be removed or before they start chipping

Spa London currently have 7 locations dotted around London so you can be sure to find one near you, but they also told me they plan to expand beyond London later this year. Exciting! I hope Watford is one of them because I love these guys just a little bit

I also feel like Spring/Summer is truly arriving. Mainly because of these little faux grass baskets that some of the polishes were kept in. The colours on the examples of the nail art are just so summery that it excites me for warmer and brighter days too

I kinda can't wait for these nails to chip so that it gives me an excuse to go back for another mani and try another colour!

Thanks Spa London and Essie for this fabulous mani and a great morning

Do you like getting your nails done?
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  1. I love the purple you went for. I have an OPI shade quite similar to it which is my favourite. Sounds like a lovely event.

    Roxie | The Beautiful Bluebird

  2. I love your photos! How exciting to invited to this event. Essie is such a lovely nail polish brand.


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