Black Cow Vodka

Monday, 6 June 2016

Black Cow Vodka
You can't ever say that I don't bring you new and interesting things on this blog. I mean today is just an absolute delight
I want to introduce you to Black Cow. Specifically Black Cow Vodka, and a wheel of Black Cow Cheese

"Oh OK. Cool. She's reviewing Vodka" you are probably thinking. But the thing that sets Black Cow apart from other vodka companies? It is made from pure cow's milk. Yep. I am reviewing and introducing you to a Milk Vodka! Read on to find out more...
Black Cow Vodka
Most vodkas are made from grain or potato. Black Cow is made from the milk of Jason Barber's milk herd down in West Dorset. To make the vodka, the milk is seperated into its curds and whey *insert bad little miss muffet pun*. The whey is the part that is fermented as it contains the sugar needed to produce alcohol. It ferments into milk beer and then this milk beer is distilled and treated to Black Cow's blending process. It is then triple filtered before being bottled. Even though this is a milk based vodka, it is still suitable for people with lactose intolerance! The lactose has been converted into alcohol

The curds are then used to make Black Cow Cheddar cheese! Meaning, there is no waste product from the milk
Black Cow Vodka
I am not going to lie. I struggle to drink vodka straight. I don't know how some people do it. I have had a sip of this straight, and even though I hate milk and was scared it would be milky tasting, it was not at all. I still got that taste of alcohol that burns the back of your throat
It is definitely not 'creamy' or 'milky' like you would expect a milk based alcohol to be. It tasted just like a vodka to me, but a bit smoother after the initial tongue burn

I mixed it with some Appletiser to make a nice long alcoholic beverage and it was just perfect and complimented the fizz of the Appletiser so well. Mixed in with some Funkin cocktail mixers also is pretty darn good!
Black Cow Vodka
The cheddar was very creamy, with a kick of something. I had a few people try it and they all said the same as me, and we can't work out what the kick actually is! It was crumbly in texture, but not as crumbly as a Vintage cheddar. It was easy to break sections off if you had cut a large block out of the wheel

I also did love the black wax packaging with the gold sticker. As well as the 'gold top' on the vodka bottle. Reminiscent of the olden days with the milk man (I know milk men DO still exist, so don't hate on me)

If Vodka is your tipple of choice, I definitely recommend trying Black Cow! It's certainly an experience, and who can say they have had vodka made from cows milk?! Well, apart from me now

Would you try Vodka from a cow? What's your favourite vodka mixer?
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  1. Vodka made out of milk? This is something unheard of and I'm so curious to try out!! WOW :))

  2. This is such a strange vodka, but I'm willing to give it a go! PS I love your blog and I'm so happy I came across it! xo

    Whitney x | Whitney Loren.


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