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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Chi KitchenI was invited to try out Chi Kitchen in Birmingham the bank holiday weekend just gone. It seemed perfect seeing as I was going to be in the Midlands anyway for Slamdunk festival which was happening on the Sunday, so I made a weekend of it down in Birmingham!

I parked up at the Bull Ring shopping centre and headed on to Chi Kitchen
Chi Kitchen in Birmingham is actually inside of Debenhams within the Bull Ring shopping centre. Even better, it is amongst the beauty section. Beauty shopping and then some amazing food? It's a bloggers dream! I know I certainly took advantage of this because there was 10% off. Hello Urban Decay before dinner

Chi Kitchen
Sweet Potato Fries & Duck Spring Rolls with Hoisin sauce

It can also be google mapped in case you get lost. I had to, simply because I am not from Birmingham so parked in Selfridges but needed to find Debenhams! When in Debenhams, Chi Kitchen is also listed on their floor layouts by their escalators

When I got there, I was led to a window seat. I had a view over some Birmingham streets, and was given some sparkling sake whilst we ordered other drinks (I still had to drive so it was just coke's for me from then on)

The sparkling sake was absolutely gorgeous. I have never actually had sake before, and I was informed that sparkling sake is different. It's meant to be a lot sweeter than regular sake and is of course sparkling rather than still. It was beautifully sweet and I found it to be a lot nicer than prosecco actually. I may be a convert from prosecco to sparkling sake now
Chi Kitchen
Sweet Potato Fries

We ordered quite a few dishes... We didn't realise how much until it just kept on coming and coming out of the kitchen. Like Wagamama's, these dishes come out of the kitchen as soon as they are ready, so don't expect to have starters and then a main

We ordered a chicken katsu curry each as our 'main dish', and a load of small plates of different food. In total, I think we had 11 seperate dishes on our table at one time. The staff also recommended us a few dishes which they ordered for us
Chi Kitchen
Chicken Satay

The first bits of food to come out were the Duck Spring rolls with Hoisin Sauce and the Sweet Potato Fries that we ordered

There were 2 Duck Spring rolls, so be sure to order more if you are sharing. They are a decent size, but it meant me and Niamh had just one each (but with the amount of food we had ordered, any more than 1 each would have been too much)

The Sweet Potato Fries had a batter over them, similar to when you order a "salt and pepper" dish from your local Chinese. It basically meant the Sweet Potato Fries were beautifully seasoned because of the salt and pepper batter. You didn't need to season them yourselves, and it didn't obliterate the sweetness of the actual sweet potato
Chi Kitchen
Chicken Satay, Teriyaki Grilled Asparagus, Sweet Potato Fries, Virgin Mojito

We also ordered everybody's favourite Chicken Satay. If you don't like Chicken Satay then whaaaaa?!
This came out presented so beautifully. There were 3 Satay sticks, so me and Niamh had one each and shared the last. These were big chunks of chicken on the sticks though! Certainly no scrimping on the meat like in some Chinese places, and the flavour was delightful with plenty of sauce on the actual meat. Really peanutty, but with a tiny kick of spice for a small tingle on the tastebuds. Some of the best Chicken Satay I have had in a while

Because we had ordered a lot of meat, we also broke it up by ordering a dish of Grilled Asparagus that was glazed with a Teriyaki sauce. I have never really had asparagus before, but I was really excited for this dish as I was craving veggies and I love teriyaki sauce. (I have been in America for a week recently so there were NO veggies in my diet out there at all. Blog posts to come)

There wasn't masses of Teriyaki sauce on the asparagus, which was actually a plus point for me! There was just enough to flavour the asparagus but not too much that it left your fingers and/or mouth sticky
Chi Kitchen
Vegetable Sushi Rolls

The Vegetable Sushi Rolls were the biggest hit of the table in terms of presentation and overall wow factor. They came out with a little jar that was smoking away. Taking the pictures of it was so fun and it was mesmerising to watch this smoke cascade and dance around the sushi rolls. There were 8 sushi rolls and they were laid out over a splashing of sauce on a slate. The sauce to me tasted like salad cream so I am not particularly sure what it was, Niamh reckons it is something to do with horseradish, but whatever it was it complimented it so well and the sushi was a win. Filled with avocado, cucumber, and other veggies I can not remember due to the sheer amount of food we had, it was simply delightful and beautifully presented

Our Chicken Katsu Curry's that we ordered were just delightful. The rice was sticky rice but you could taste a slight hint of Jasmine within the rice as a nice, soft, and delicate touch. The chicken was beautiful with a really nice crispy outer, and the curry sauce itself was flavourful but not spicy. We classified it as a more upmarket Waga's
Chi Kitchen
Chicken Katsu Curry

The staff at Chi Kitchen recommended and ordered us 2 dishes to try out. These were the Chicken Yakitori and the Smoked Chicken

I love Chicken Yakitori. Chicken Yakitori generally just means small and bite-size pieces of chicken on a skewer and grilled over charcoal. Sometimes, like this dish, you get a sauce glazing the chicken and then it was presented with spring onions over the top. Beautiful presentation once again on a small plate, and the chicken yakitori itself was just beautiful too. It tasted amazing and the chicken was so soft
Chi Kitchen
Chicken Yakitori, Chicken Katsu Curry, Smoked Chicken

The smoked chicken I was a bit dubious about. I wasn't sure what to expect. It is strips of chicken in a batter similar to the "salt and pepper" batter on the sweet potato fries, with some chillis sprinkled about amongst the strips of chicken. I am not sure how or where the flavour was coming from but it actually had an intense and amazing smokey flavour. I wasn't too keen on the texture of this dish, but that is just me personally as I am not fond of anything that is slightly chewy

I still ate and enjoyed this dish, and it is safe to say, all of the dishes I have had were amazing and I liked every single one of them!

After all of those savoury dishes, you can imagine we were pretty full and stuffed. We had a Mixed Dessert Platter prepared for us though and brought out to us. Not only could we not say no, but I am one of those people that has a seperate stomach for desserts. I always have room for sweet treats after a lot of savoury food
I am so glad I do because these desserts were truly amazing!
Chi Kitchen
Mixed Dessert Platter (Mango Cheesecake, Chocolate Fondant)

When the platter was being brought out, I could see the cheesecake on the platter jiggle with every step the waitress made. I don't know why but jiggly cheesecakes excite me. It makes it seem so fun! When it was put on to the table, just like with every other dish, you could not fault the presentation. It was stunning yet again with splashes of mango sauce and splatterings of powdered sugar

The mango cheesecake was a big hit with us. Very flavourful and a refreshing taste after all of that food. It re-energised my palette
2 scoops of ice cream were on this platter. One was green tea, the other we think was salted caramel. I do not like green tea, so sadly this ice cream was left *So Sorry*, but the other scoop we ate with pleasure and happiness. It was almost the consistency of a sorbet, but still with an ice cream texture, so again a nice re-energising palette cleanser
The pièce de résistance however was the Chocolate Fondant. I am a sucker for anything chocolate and this was satisfying but not overly rich. Gooey but a little bit cakey too. I just can't even describe properly the heaven that was within my mouth when I was eating this dessert

Oh also, did I mention that they keep chopsticks in a pot in the middle of the table?? So you can choose to eat with cutlery or chopsticks. I ate the majority of the food with chopsticks. Dessert was consumed with cutlery because I am not sure ice cream and chopsticks really go hand in hand...

I had such a fantastic time at Chi Kitchen and their service was stellar. I felt like royalty. Me and Niamh absolutely loved *heart eyes emoji* every single dish we ate and we would definitely describe Chi Kitchen as an upmarket and fancy local Chinese/Waga's. The presentation on each dish was superb and the flavours were on point. I can not fault a single thing about my visit! I am definitely going to be making a trip to the one in London (which is in Debenhams on Oxford Street)

Would you eat at Chi Kitchen when you are next in London/Birmingham?
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The meal was complimentary, but all views and opinions are my own


  1. Oh this food looks amazing! If I am ever in Birmingham I will definitely be visiting x

  2. Hi Kayle, I was saying to my husband the other day about going to a Japanese restaurant in London as I really want to try Katsu curry. Oh if you are down in London in the summer, try to attend the Hyper Japan festival as they also do a small selection of Japanese cuisine. xx xx


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