Summer Cocktails with Appletiser

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

I love cocktails. I don't know whether you have guessed from the regular appearance of Funkin Cocktails on my blog, as well as Gin. Summer should technically be here seeing as the Summer Solstice was only 2-ish weeks ago. I haven't seen much of it yet though, have you?

However, despite this little weather hiccup, I want to bring you some refreshing and summery cocktails for those potentially hot days we may get in the future. Nothing better than something refreshing on a hot day after all, especially when it includes alcohol

Gin is my favourite spirit of choice currently, so I want to start off with a recipe that includes Gin. If Gin ain't your thing though then you can substitute the Gin for Vodka!

This cocktail is called an "Appletiser Collins". I always see Appletiser as such a Summery treat which is why I am using this as a base/mixer in all of these cocktails. You can swap it out for lemonade or whatever you prefer, but just give it a go first!

For the Appletiser Collins, take your Gin/Vodka (a cheeky double measure or a little bit more if you wish), add in 15ml of lemon juice, 10ml of sugar syrup*, mix well and then top with appletiser. I topped it with Appletiser's Apple & Pomegranate to give off true summer flavour vibes

*sugar syrup is made easily. It is 1 part water and 1 part sugar. You just need to dissolve the sugar into the water

Appletiser Collins

The next one is very simple and a true Summer staple to me! It is an "Apple Beer Shandy". I have memories of always stealing my Grandad's beer when sat in the garden as a child, so he would often mix a tiny bit of beer with a lot of lemonade for me to keep me happy and feel like an adult

This has carried on as I have gotten older. Nothing shouts summer to me like a nice, ice cold, half a pint of beer topped off with lemonade

However, rather than topping it off with lemonade, try some Appletiser instead! It is still summery and refreshing, but it has a different bite to it
Appletiser beer shandy

The last one requires just a small amount of prep. It is named the "Watermelon Crush" and requires you to freeze cubes of watermelon overnight. The very next day you can combine the watermelon cubes, 125ml of Gin, 50ml sugar syrup and 30ml lemon juice in to a blender and let it spin for a bit. Pour into a glass and then top with appletiser

I have one of those portable blenders, so it is easy to make just one drink and actually take it on the go with me *sneaky sneaky*
Watermelon is another thing that signifies summer to me and I find it incredibly cooling and refreshing to eat and drink it on a hot day. Mixing it with alcohol is even better of course. The fact you have frozen it means it is going to keep the drink nice and cold for a while, but it also gives the drink a slight 'slush puppy' style texture. Who doesn't love a Slush Puppy in Summer?!

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Appletiser was gifted to me for the purpose of this post


  1. Love the sound of tge Apple Bear Shandy. Shandy takes me on a nostalgia trip too, childhood memories of drinking it as a kid and feeling very grown up. Such a modern twist to use Appletiser as the mixer in stead of lemonade. Tx

  2. I've not had Appletiser for years!! Nostalgia or what?! These are brill cocktail ideas!


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