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Monday, 20 June 2016

Gorilla PerfumesMy dream came true! I got an invite to an event hosted by Lush! However this wasn't just a typical Lush event
It was held in their perfume store "Gorilla Perfumes" in Islington, a short walk from Angel tube station. It was a scent-sational soiree for Cruelty Free Bloggers, and my first experience of Lush's Gorilla Perfumes

I am an avid Lush bath bomb user, but I have never actually smelt any of their perfumes until this event. I learnt a lot about scents and perfumes in general that I never even knew were possible and I am going to share my new knowledge of smells with you! How lovely of me

Gorilla Perfumes
But first, we were greeted with Dirty mojito mocktails which were made to symbolise their scent named "Dirty". This scent is full of spearmint, just like a mojito is full of mint so of course a mojito makes perfect sense to be the cocktail associated with this fragrance!

We then proceeded to learn a little bit about 2 fragrances, and taste a chocolate specifically designed with that perfume in mind
The way we did this was we were given a swatch of the fragrance, you smell it, you take a piece of chocolate and let it sit in your mouth and melt a bit, then you smell the fragrance again, to which you finish your chocolate and then take another whiff. Sniff, eat, sniff, repeat

Did you know scents, fragrances, perfumes, can all change depending on what you have eaten? How you feel? Your mood, the weather, your actual surroundings? No? Me neither. It explains why one day you can hate a fragrance, and then another day quite like it

After having a taste of the chocolate, when sniffing the fragrance again it had changed to everyone. Sometimes the fragrance became more citrusy, sometimes more woody or spicy. The same had a reverse effect. When trying the chocolate again, it could lose its bitterness and become sweeter. It seemed like sorcery to me how easily and quickly a smell and a taste could change
Try it for yourself with your favourite perfume and some chocolate!
Gorilla Perfumes
A table in the middle of the room had a load of alcohol, juices, mixers and syrups laid out on it. This was for a little mini challenge later on in the evening

Before that though, we were told a little back story to a fragrance named "Sikkim Girls". The Sikkim Girls are meant to be sexy, alluring, but subtle about it. The kinda girls that can seduce any man they want, but be really subtle about it
We were then told about a cocktail created with this fragrance in mind. The cocktail contained Ophir spiced gin, Darjeeling tea, Jasmine syrup, Cardamom syrup and some tonic water. The Darjeeling tea, to represent Darjeeling in India but also to give it a bit more mystery and depth. The Jasmine syrup because Jasmine is a top note in the Sikkim Girls fragrance, but only a small amount so as to be subtle and not over powering. The Cardamom syrup to give it a bit of a spice, and a bit of a kick, but also to reflect the tuberose that is in the fragrance

Considering I don't like tea, this cocktail concoction was really very nice. It was interesting also to be tasting something that was designed around something you smell. A real multi sensory experience and again tasting the cocktail and sniffing the fragrance produced different results each time, but they both complimented each other so well
Gorilla Perfumes
Gorilla Perfumes
This led on to the next portion of the evening. We had to pick a fragrance and create our own cocktails based on this fragrance using all of the available items left on the table for us. I teamed up with Steph, Danie, and Amie and we decided to create a cocktail based on the fragrance "All Good Things". This is Amie's favourite fragrance so we had to do it justice!

All Good Things is quite a sweet, fun and enjoyable fragrance and we certainly had a lot of fun creating it! We were making the cocktail up in a big pitcher and I ended up just free pouring items into it. We based the cocktail on vodka, and added Caramel syrup and Vanilla syrup to give it the sweetness that the fragrance has
We topped up with tonic water, and added just a splash of Darjeeling tea to give it a smoky depth that can sometimes be smelt subtly in All Good Things
Gorilla PerfumesEveryone who tried it really enjoyed it and wanted to know the recipe
Just chuck vodka, caramel, vanilla, tonic and tea in to a glass. In no particular order and no particular measure haha!

It was also likened to Cream Soda. No idea how we achieved that, but it worked. When paired with the fragrance also, it's amazing how the smells and tastes change. I really do think this is another great experiment you can try at home
Gorilla Perfumes
Gorilla Perfumes
The final part of the evening was something that the store does every month named "Scented Songs". They brought in local artist 'Broken Forest' to play a song that she had paired with a particular fragrance that Lush/Gorilla Perfumes do. A song by the artist gets picked, and they explain why they chose that to be paired with a certain fragrance

I honestly urge you to check them out. Her voice was stunning, and I adored her hairstyle and proceeded to gush to her about it. Their music isn't actually acoustic-y like we heard, but they are a new favourite of mine currently and I can't wait to see them again! My favourite song was a song called "Peter", and a cover called "Graveyard" and I can't wait for "Peter" to be released so I can purchase it and have it in my music collection

I also loved hearing the meaning behind some of the songs that went into explaining why it got paired with a certain fragrance
Gorilla Perfumes

Thank you Lush for the invite to an amazingly educational evening, and for the opportunity to experience new things and meet some great new people! I hope to experience another evening with you soon

I definitely need to head back to Islington also to scope out my perfect and ideal Lush Gorilla Perfume. Now I know so much can factor and change your sense of smell, I need to find the perfect time to go in and sniff them all out

Did you know smell and taste were so closely related?
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  1. Looks like a fabulous evening... Sometimes the best cocktails happen by chance.. Love your photos also!!!
    Lisa at Life of Lala


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