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Monday, 13 June 2016

House of Rush, Mythic Oil Treatment
I recently got invited to the House of Rush in Piccadilly Circus to try out a brand new hair treatment and have a little bit of pampering with them also. This treatment is the 'Mythic Oil' treatment
I consider myself very lucky to have worked with Rush in the past, especially as I go to their Watford salon every 6 weeks, and I was personally selected to experience this new treatment. How exciting

The House of Rush is their flagship Salon, and it isn't hard to see why. Over 2 floors, it is the brightest, grandest, and most beautiful Salon I have ever stepped foot into

The 'Mythic Oil' treatment is essentially a Blowdry service. Or a treatment you can undergo if you are having a cut and blowdry, cut and colour etc

I was having just a blowdry service, so when I got there they took my jacket into a cloakroom and led me straight into the hair wash room. The House of Rush have such amazing and comfortable seats in their hair wash room! And they recline and are faux leather. The ultimate in luxury and pampering I feel
They shampooed my hair, and then applied a gel conditioner which was part of the treatment and the Mythic Oil range. As it is a gel conditioner, and the mythic oil treatment is all about small particles within the oil, they applied it all over my hair and proceeded to massage it in. It felt so amazing, especially as I was jet lagged so I just relaxed totally when my hair and head was being massaged. I absolutely adore that part. After washing the conditioner out, a masque was applied to my ends and again then washed out before I was led to a Salon chair
House of Rush, Mythic Oil Treatment

When I got to the Salon chair, a whole 'Mythic Oil' range was laid out before me. At first, I thought these were more products that were going to be used on my hair. Nope! I was informed these were my goodies to take home. Thank you so much Rush! I was not expecting that at all
I had items like a Dry Conditioner, the hair masque that was used on my ends, a little tin of tea which smells very fruity and is to represent the oils that are used in the treatment, a Shampoo, a hair Balm, and a Prime and Style cream

I then had my hair blowdried with volume, and curled using GHD's to give me a more tousled and bed head look that I prefer

My hair still feels so soft after having this treatment and even though I have fine and thin hair, I can use any and all of these products. I can condition my whole head and not just my ends. The point being that the Mythic Oil treatment uses oils such as avocado, argan, and black cumin. These oils are smaller particles so they infiltrate the hair rather than just sitting on top, so they don't weigh your hair down. Perfect for my bleached ends also! This treatment is advertised as being ideal for normal and dry hair, but the treatment and the product range meets any hair care needs and transforms your look with a glossy, soft, and supple looking finish. My hair has never looked so glossy and shiny due to the fact I colour it all the time, but this treatment and product range has really improved the overall shine to my hair

I feel like this treatment has slightly changed me and I am now looking after my hair a lot more as well as looking into what I actually use on my hair now

You can shop for the Mythic Oil range yourself at Rush's online shop

Do you get any hair treatments done? Would you get the Mythic Oil treatment?
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Treatment was complimentary and items were gifted to me, but all views and opinions are my own

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