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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Being a photographer and working in the industry, sometimes you get some key contacts to do some pretty fun stuff. This is one of those things!
Olympus UK gave me an Olympus Tough TG870 camera to take to Orlando with me and trial out and have some fun with. Knowing I was going to be spending a day at the water park Discovery Cove, this was an absolute perfect opportunity and the perfect camera to take with me on that day

In this post I am going to show you the adventures and the fun I had with the little Tough TG870

The TG870 is a waterproof, drop-proof, shock proof, freeze proof camera which is why it is labelled as "Tough". It is waterproof to 15m. A depth I would never really take it to because I panic when I can no longer touch the ground in water. I'm no water baby unlike my friend Danni

But it has meant I have been able to take some pretty fun shots in and under the water, a situation I wouldn't have been able to take pictures in otherwise

I mainly used the camera around Discovery Cove's lazy river. There were waterfalls galore, a current that just floated you along in places, deep bits, shallow bits, and a whole load of pretty scenery

I was swimming in areas of the lazy river with the camera in my hand, submerged in the water for long periods of time and it is still working. It feels so weird to be able to take a camera underwater. It seems so un-natural! But the camera has coped with it so well due to its rubber sealing and locking mechanisms

It even has a screen that flips up which is perfect for selfies. Explains why I have a few selfies in this post. You can flip the screen up and automatically see what the camera sees

I left the camera in iAuto mode, rather than mess around with it. To be honest, I was having too much watery fun anyway to really play around with it. Discovery Cove is a great relaxing and cooling day out. The iAuto mode worked wonders at analysing what I was taking pictures of and changing any settings that needed to be changed to ensure I had the perfect shot with ease

Even in the iAuto mode (I am so used to setting up a camera myself with apertures, ISO, white balance etc), the camera has taken some beautiful true to life images. All of the images in this post are un-edited, un-touched, no filter, all that kinda jazz. They are straight from the camera and into this blog post!

The greens are so vibrant and the look of the water just makes me want to dive back in. The only thing that does annoy me is that if you take the camera underwater and bring it back out, obviously you can end up with water drops over the lens which will show up in subsequent images

Because it is shock proof and drop proof, I didn't have to worry about dropping it on the hard ground. I still wore it around my wrist on a long wrist strap, but I didn't need to. I am only 5 foot, but it would have survived the drop from my hand to the hard floor. It definitely would have survived a drop into the sand around Discovery Cove. But sand can get into cracks, crevices and wreak havoc with some tech. You don't have to worry about that with the Olympus Tough because it is all perfectly sealed (it has to be to be waterproof), so no sand will get in to any of the camera and the same goes for dust

Sand can particularly play havoc with DSLR's and their lenses. I have seen sand get inside some DSLR lenses and just ruin the inner workings completely. The same will go for any camera that has removable and changeable lenses

As well as take loads of pictures in the water and swim around with the camera, Discovery Cove also have an atrium and you can hold some bird feed to feed the birds with and they will quite happily sit on your arm (or on your head) and nibble from your little pot of food

Not gonna lie, birds flying around actually creeps me the hell out so I did keep panicking when in there. But I manned up, stayed, and captured some cute pictures of some birds from a distance. The zoom on this camera is pretty decent considering no lens physically zooms in and out. It's all inside of the casing to keep it waterproof

The face detection was constantly at work also to make sure I had Danni as the main focus of the images. She wanted pics of her feeding the birds. She ideally wanted birds all over her shoulders and down her arms, but we couldn't quite get that image to happen haha

The most she had on her at any point was 2 birds. And then they didn't want to ever leave

Being a waterproof camera, you can buy optional floats and other accessories for the camera. If you were to drop it in the water, it would of course sink. I had no such accessory, but the wrist strap was very long and secured around my wrist so that I could just let it dangle from my wrist

It also has wi-fi and GPS. If I had activated the GPS I could have obviously logged where in the world the images were taken. But the wi-fi however is so cool. I have wi-fi on all of my cameras now and it makes sharing so much easier

Of course we wanted to share some of our shots on facebook for all our friends to see (and I wanted to Instagram some), so all I needed to do was download a free app and connect my smartphone to the camera through wi-fi. Through the app I could then look at my images and save the ones I loved and wanted to share. You can also use the app as a remote control for the camera if you so wish. Anything is possible when you have a smartphone or smart device connected via wi-fi

All in all, I have been pleasantly surprised with the ease of use and the quality of the Olympus Tough and it has helped me capture some amazing memories that I will forever look back on with happiness and glee. It also provided stupid fun for us as Danni would often steal it and I'd be looking through pictures to find ALL of the underwater silly selfies of her that she had taken for my viewing pleasure

Underwater selfies should become the next thing I reckon. Don't just consider the Tough for its underwater selfie capabilities though, consider it for its rugged capabilities too. No more dropping and then completely trashing your camera! Woohoo!

I hope you have enjoyed my insights into my time at Orlando, as well as the beauty (and silliness) that we experienced at Discovery Cove

Would you consider buying a Tough camera?
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Camera was given to me for my travels, but I then had to return it. All views and opinions are my own


  1. This looks like a great camera...shame they didn't let you keep it! I haven't had an Olympus since the days of proper film, but will look into this one as I travel a lot and want something for underwater use too. And I have a toddler so...you know...it needs to be durable. Were you able to do movies on it and if so, how was the quality? Good enough for YouTube vlogging do you think?

    1. Hey there!

      Yes it can do movies and it does full HD. Unfortunately I didn't actually shoot any movies on it so I don't know what the quality is like first hand at all, but small compacts are definitely really good at video and I would say it could do Youtube vlogging. If people use Canon compacts for vlogging, you could definitely use this!

  2. I'd love a waterproof camera - on some holidays, most of the fun happens in the pool, so it's great to be able to capture it!


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