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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Disney, Orlando
If you follow me on any social media platform (Twitter and Instagram and Snapchat is all @fordtography) then you would have seen I have just recently had a dead good 8-ish days in none other than Orlando, Florida!

As always when I travel, I then like to round up my travels for you in some Photo Diary style posts (examples are New York and Italy), so here are all the photos from my Canon EOS M10 from my time in Orlando and some info as to what I did when there to inspire you... (I also do seperate posts FULL of all pics I took on my phone. Keep an eye out for that one too)

Disney, Orlando
Of course when in Orlando you have to have a visit to the Magic Kingdom! The Magic Kingdom is one of many Disney parks, and unfortunately it is the only one me and my bestie had time to attend (There is a lot to do in Orlando and we only had 8 days!)

But, true to its name, sometimes the Magic Kingdom is the most magical. It has the famous Castle of course for those perfect holiday snaps to make everybody jel

We did the Magic Kingdom on our very first day in Orlando
Disney, Orlando
As soon as we got to the park pretty much a Parade started to happen, so whilst walking down Mainstreet USA (the strip that leads to the castle and then the different sections of the park) we stopped to watch and take some snaps and revel in the atmosphere
Disney, Orlando
I have been to Disney a lot as a child. I had a very lucky childhood in that respects! I think this was my 6th time at the Magic Kingdom. This statue though always resonates with me and brings me such happiness. Thank you Walt for the great childhood and growing up with Disney and the magic and hope it can bring to everyone
Disney, Orlando

Disney, Orlando

Disney, Orlando

Disney, Orlando 

Disney, Orlando
As well as the Magic Kingdom, we also went to Universal Studios twice! One day we did the actual Universal Studios park and the second day we did Universal's Islands of Adventure park

Universal Studios has Diagon Alley, which was being built the last time I went to it! So it was exciting to see it finished and up-and-running (the same for the Springfield section that is so amazingly colourful)
Diagon Alley, Orlando
We just had to go in to the Leaky Cauldron for a Butterbeer as soon as we got to Diagon Alley. The coolest bit is you have to walk through "Leicester Square Station" to get to the entrance of Diagon Alley. They play audio of bricks moving so it makes you feel like the bricks have actually moved and opened up for you. Truly a magical place and every single attention to detail was catered for

My friend Danni is a massive Potterhead, she has the Deathly Hallows tatted on to her and I will shortly be doing the same, so this was such a major highlight for the both of us and a truly great place to be
Diagon Alley, Orlando
Of course we had many a butterbeer when there. I believe we had like 4 a day...
Butterbeer, Orlando
Not to mention, Duff beer is also a thing in Universal Studios! This was such a childhood dream to be able to experience Duff beer. I also got to keep the glass and take it home with me as a memento
Duff Beer, Orlando
I can't believe I didn't take many shots from my actual camera! All I did was take some pictures in the Magic Kingdom and Universal! That's what happens when you live in the moment and have too much fun

Keep an eye out for my iPhone snaps for some more variation in images and more ideas as to what I got up to. It involves a lot of IHOP, some more Universal, Disney, and some Pirate's Cove mini golf

Where would you like to see me travel to next?
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