Beauty Blender Liner.Designer

Monday, 27 June 2016

Beauty Blender Liner.Designer
I don't know how I first heard about this product, but when I did back in Feb it hadn't been released yet so my trip to New York's many Sephora's did not help me. I believe it was launched in March of this year, but of course like all good things, it would only be available in the USA *cry cry cry*

I did not go to a Sephora in Orlando, but I take a multi currency debit card abroad with me and I had many dollars left over so yep, when I came back home I hauled on and got shipped to the UK using spare $$$. The Beauty Blender liner.designer was part of that haul

Beauty Blender Liner.Designer

The Beauty blender liner.designer is a small triangular piece of rubber. It has a straight edge and the rest are curved edges

It has a little white box to keep it in that also features a magnifying mirror, and a suction cup attachment to attach to the white box so that you can stick it to any surface and use the magnifying mirror anywhere and on the go

Essentially the liner.designer is a tool to help you get the perfect winged eyeliner! It is what every girl needs. I know I definitely do, I haven't done winged eyeliner every day since my 14 year old emo days where I had it down to a tee, and have now lost that skill and knack
Beauty Blender Liner.Designer
It comes with a small lookbook so you can even try out new and different eyeliner styles, and it tells you which edge of the liner.designer to use and where to place it on/around your eye for that particular style

I have only used it so far for your typical everyday cat eye flick/wing, but my eyeliner is so sharp, on fleek, can fly me away from the haters now that I have been using eyeliner a lot more

I use the Kat Von D tattoo liner, but once that runs out I have no idea what I will do as I love the felt tip style pen with this liner.designer. It's a great pairing. A gel eyeliner would work really well too I imagine. I always find these styles of eyeliner have a greater staying power
Beauty Blender Liner.Designer
I don't know how I lived without the liner.designer in my makeup arsenal. I mean, how the hell do people do perfect eyeliner without some kind of help anyway?!

If you are a UK citizen, like me, then yes it can be a pain to try and get one of these into your makeup bag. But it is available on who do ship to the UK and include the customs and duties into the bill. PLEASE SEPHORA, PLEASE COME TO THE UK AGAIN SO WE CAN HAUL ALL OF THE GOODIES. As far as I know too, Beauty blender don't intend to release this in the UK either which I think is silly. It's a great little tool and I now use it regularly

Would you use the liner.designer?
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  1. I actually use the side of a spoon or a debit card to do my liner but this sounds a lot more fit for the case (ha!) so I might give it a go! Your liner looks perfect :)

    Just found your blog by the way, love it :)

    The Makeup Directory

  2. Hey, this look samazing but tbh I would now use my muso hubby's guitar plectra!!


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