Citadel Festival

Friday, 29 July 2016

Citadel Festival
When a blogger bae of yours (Leigh of Fox & Feather blog) asks if you want to go to Citadel Festival with her as she got free tickets, what do you say?
Why, you say OMG HELL YES PLZ THIS SOUNDS AMAZING and you cancel your previous plans and proceed to go before you know anything more about the festival

Well, that's what I did anyway. I'm sure some of you would do the same

Bath Melts by Wild-Olive

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

This year I made a promise to myself to take more baths. Mainly because last year I went through so much trauma and got put onto anti-depressants (another story for another time maybe) and realised that I never take time out for "me" and that soaking in a bath literally makes me feel good for the 40 or so minutes I am soaking for

I started practicing mindfulness and looking into wellness late last year, and a bath helps me with everything and improves my mental health. It literally soaks and melts my sadness away for that evening

The boyfriend knows how much baths mean to me and so bought me a little cute present in the form of these cocktail bath melts from Wild-Olive, but also available on Prezzybox where he bought them from. He bought me these ages ago (like literally 4 months ago) and I am only just getting round to using them now. Terrible considering he bought them as baths are meant to mean a lot to me! Sometimes life just gets in the way of "me" time

Grin & Bear It

Monday, 25 July 2016

Grin and Bear London
Grin & Bear LDN are a company who make these adorable vintage style teddy bears, as well as creating bespoke ones for you in any pattern and size, as well as uber luxe ones

They recently re-launched their website and hired me to shoot some of the content for this new site and I wanted to share the final images with you. Not the usual style of model I photograph at all, but hella cute regardless!

Toppik Hair Thickener

Friday, 22 July 2016

I have already gone on about how my hair is thin right here as well as in some other previous posts of mine. You also should know that I dye my hair as I spoke about getting it coloured within my review of Rush in West Hampstead

Hair dye when fresh makes my hair look thicker and feel thicker. But when all that starts to fade and grow out what the hell do I do?! I end up with mousey brown hair at the roots which makes my hair seem so much thinner and almost look like it is disappearing!

That is where Toppik comes in

An Evening with Haywards

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

I recently got hired to photograph an event that Haywards was having for other bloggers out there in the blogosphere. I freelance in photography as well as blog myself. The photography career came first, and then the hobby of blogging

Haywards got a bunch of couples and bloggers together for an extravagant foodie feast using their pickled condiments. The host Denise showed them how to cook a few dishes and using which Haywards items, before the bloggers were left to cook some dishes themselves. Ending with a fine feast of everything the bloggers had cooked to finish the night off

Here's a look in to some of my favourite shots that I took that night for Haywards

Envy Pro Style Hero

Monday, 18 July 2016

Envy Pro Style Hero
I am always after hair products that can give me flawless hair with little to no effort at all. I am incredibly lazy with my hair and it is terrible. I don't even really condition it after shampoo. BEAUTY BLOGGER BLASPHEMY! I just tend to wash, brush and go. Some days I'll straighten and spray some Sea Salt in but that's it

I also have really crappy fine, thin, oily, frizzy, wavy, and damaged hair due to bleach. A great and winning combination not. I can always find products for one issue, but it doesn't target all of my problems

Envy Professional recently sent me one of their products, the Style Hero to give it a go and see what I think. I barely use styling products, so let's see what it can do for me and whether it can change my routine

Label.M Thickening Cream

Friday, 15 July 2016

Label.M Thickening Cream
News flash! I have a crappy hair type. Yep. I admit it. I have very fine hair, thin hair, oily hair, just rubbish hair really. Thanks Mamma Ford!
I wouldn't be surprised if my hair starts to thin even more so as I get older and I follow in the footsteps of my mother. Sad times. Nobody wants to end up with little to no hair, and youth is all about thick and bouncy hair. We want to cling to that as much as possible

I know I do. I don't want to be able to see my scalp. Label.M and Toni & Guy were kind enough to send me some of their Thickening Cream to try out and see if I feel and notice a difference to my hair whilst using this product

Skin Camouflage Concealer Kit

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

In all seriousness people, just look at the state of my skin. That isn't even the WORST of it. I currently have 2 massive cysts on my jawline that make me want to cry just thinking about them. These cysts normally then leave me with scarring, not to mention the red patchy skin I have elsewhere on my face and other acne scars

It's a real struggle sometimes and something that can really affect my self esteem. But then just look at my skin on the right hand side. That is actually me! I can look like I have flawless skin! It is all thanks to Skin Camouflage and their concealing kit (exclusive to Ideal World)

I'm going to tell you about how I have created that flawless coverage using Skin Camouflage's concealing kit

Giovanni Rana Pasta Sauces

Monday, 11 July 2016

Giovanni Rana
Food Glorious Food. Nothing gets much better than a good old carb filled meal! Boy, do Italians have it spot on. Funny story, but ever since visiting Italy in 2015 I have genuinely found a whole new love and respect for pasta. Those Italians really know how to do a top notch pasta dish. OK, it's not really a funny story... I lied a little bit...

So, when Giovanni Rana asked me if I wanted to review some of their new pasta sauces. ERM HELLO, YES PLEASE AND THANK YOU VERY MUCH BECAUSE PASTA IS LIFE

Empty Casket Jewellery

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Empty Casket Jewellery
I have mentioned Empty Casket on my blog once before as I simply love and adore their witchy vibes and everything they range. I have been a long time customer and fan of this little independent online store which specialises in jewellery, but I have also bought homeware and lifestyle treats from them before such as a pack of Tarot cards and storage boxes

Owned by a gorgeous girl named Lucy, Empty Casket is truly a unique online shop and I want to spread the love a bit and tell you more about them

Hummingbird Bakery: Life is Sweet

Monday, 4 July 2016

Hummingbird Bakery: Life Is Sweet
Anybody who knows me should know I am a little bit obsessed with the US of A. I am obsessed with their food, the expanse of their country, American football, and peanut butter. All of the peanut butter
I also love my food and my sweet treats. Because who doesn't?! and The Hummingbird Bakery is a brand name I know of and have heard of before

They have a new sweet treats recipe book out named "Life is Sweet" which delves into American style home baking. All of this is a win for me. There are recipes for buttermilk pancakes, sweet potato pie, and A LOT OF RECIPES INCLUDE PEANUT BUTTER!!

To get to grips with this recipe book, I decided to start off with a very easy recipe and bake some of their "Peanut Butter & Marshmallow Cookies"
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